Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"Well Prophet, It Seems You are Stuck in a Bit of a Jam"

I'm BACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKK! Thank you, thank you hold all your applause, I mean all heroes must confront even their fiercists rivals at some time. I mean hold all of your applause. Wait hold on, those "Clap your hands" are coming from the this song I'm listening to. Well I understand if you guys (read my two readers) are ticked off, no I mean angry, no I MEAN WHEN I SEE YOU IN AN ALLIE, I GOING TO....I'M GOING TO.... I'M GOING TO ask you how you been since the last time you blogged on your blog (I pride myself as optimist).

Anywho.... I am going to drop a gem on you people today. I was searching through my daily blog search and found that a great blogger dropped a Jeru tha Damaja post on the masses. I, being a hip hop enthusiast, had to get la computadora hands on those 12"s (pardon the last part of the sentence, I was exploring with dora earlier in the day). I decided that I would provide you, oh so great people, with one of tha damaja's early 12" release from his classic album, The Sun Rises in the East.

Now, I will get into the story of Jeru in future post (but, you should have a good idea of who he is or else I leave the premises now (naw just kidding hope you have fun here)). I want to focus on what is, in my opinion, the best 12" release by said artist. "You can't Stop The Prophet" was a 12" released in 1994. I was four tracks that displayed not only the full range Jeru has an emcee, but more so had the production to match his epic rap. First let's delve (oh nice word, say again make it' sound sezy, I MEAN Sexy, yeah that's what I meant (says this as he puts down jug of eggnog)) into the words put together on this track. This track epitomizes what goal Jeru has not only for rap, but in general, the plight of the black youth. He details the tremendous adventure he encounters in his quest to defeat the black man's, and woman (John Q Loves the Ladies (Don't Sue Uncle L)), biggest foe: MR. IGNORANCE. In His adventures, he battles Ignorance's henchman like hatred, jealously, and envy. I mean but he goes on some, I must be reading a comic book, Sh....t. For example, check this quote from the song,
"Now I, run through the ghetto
Battlin my, arch nemesis Mr. Ignorance
He's been tryin to take me out since the days of my youth
He feared this day would come
I'm hot on his trail, but sometimes he slips away
Because he has an army, they always give me trouble
Mainly - Hatred, Jealousy and Envy they attack me
They think they got me
But I use my super-science and I twist all three
I see sparks over that buildin - they're shootin at me
I dip, do a backflip
Then hit em in the heart with sharp steel bookmarks
Ignorance hates when I drop it
But no matter, what he do.. he can't stop the Prophet"

To match the prophet's challenging quest, Premo and The Sweet Soul Brother "!,
aid our hero
in his battle.
DJ Premier provides the instrumental backdrop on the original version
of the song.
This song has Premo at
trhe height of his game. I mean, like the drummer boy on
some Do the Right The Right Sh..t, the drums on
this song alone take this song to
astronomical proportions. Dan,fromDaBricks, can provide further, and better,

analysis of the production of this song. Pete Rock comes into the equation with
the remix of this song. He
basically flips this song with leave into key parts of the
song to leave the listening with some
recognizability of
this song, but he also provides a new backdrop for the prophet.
He provides a new soundscape with little hicks
and there to further emphasize the
knowledge being dropped on this traintrack.

You can't go wrong with A slick rick and Doug E Fresh sample. This remix ranks up there (
means you got look higher, no I mean higher, I mean so high that you can see past the sky)
with the great remixes
the Soul Brother has dropped on the masses.
So without further ado, here is the
You Can't Stop Stop The Prophet 12", with a little something

Jeru Tha Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet

Jeru Tha Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)

Now, Finally for my (please let someone read this post me) readers, here is the You Can't Stop The Prophet 12":

You Can't Stop The Prophet (Original Version)
You Can't Stop The Prophet (Original Instrumental)

You Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)
You Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Instrumental)


(I want to give Mad props to Dante Benz and ILLustrious for letting me have the opportunity
to provide you people with this great 12". I just hope you guys do flip out ton me for dropping
this on the masses, because I want to provide people with the chance to hear these songs. I
Hope you guys understand where I am coming from. I even changed the mediafire link to
switch it up (although did not have chance to change name of file). Anyway, You guys stay
coming through like stars in the night, so i hope there be no PRO-Blems.)

Special Occasion:
So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone

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Jeroen said...

2 things: 1 - i talked to jeru last friday (admittedly really brief, but still) in my all-time favorite bar in amsterdam "De Duivel"! this was right after he had just done a completely unexpected freestyle with a local dj that was spinning there. he was on vacation but had to grab that mic.. afterwards it was nice to see the man standing at the bar rhyming along to favorite jams just like us regular mortals (atcq scenario etc.) 2 - had been looking for the pr rmx in good qual for some time.. so thanks again. (speaking of quality - would it b possible to encode your vinyl rip mp3s as 256 or higher? peace!