Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"I Nominated My DJ The President"

I still clapping to it twenty years later (I getting old and I was not even born (how's that logic working out?). Well, from reading the post title, you know what to expect (right, you KNOW WHAT EXPECT, RIGHT?). I will do a series of post leading up to one of the most groundbreaking albums in history (thats right, music history, and not just rap) with posting 12" singles from the album. So today, I begin with the first 12" released by Eric B (He does not get enough props for his production work) & Rakim (Top 5 all Time and any MC that disagree with him just wave your arm
And He'll break, when He's through breakin He'll leave you broke). Let me see, I will first discuss the A side of the 12". Eric B. is President was produced not only by Eric B., but also by the one and Only Marley Marl (Top Ten producers). Eric B. is President is considered monumental for what new techniques it introduced into the game with no only rhyming (discuss that later), but more importantly for production. The B-Side of the 12" is My Melody. My Melody is one of the greatest songs in rap and has been sampled by countless artist (Tribe, Beatnuts, and etc..). In this song, Rakim unleashed into six minutes, fifty seconds, five verses that still instill fear into the heart of Sucker M.C.'s (look out for Run D.MC.). By the time the song concludes, 21 M.C.'s were left broken and countless others were in the unemployment line (Tell me I'm lying and I will play this song to set you straight or right (It's the Tical (I mean the album for all those thinking otherwise)). So without further ado, here is the Eric B. & Rakim Eric B. is President/My Melody 12" with a little something extra:

Eric B. Is President - Eric B. & Rakim

Fan Made Video


My Melody - Eric B. & Rakim

Another Fan Made Video


Finally, for the three (yes, I moving on up, moving on up, to the err.. higher number of visitors sideeeee), the Eric. B is President/My Melody 12"

Eric B Is President
My Melody
Eric B Is President (Dub)
My Melody (Dub)


Monday, October 29, 2007

"What's Up, John Q, My Man"

Here on this blog, I will not only discuss a hip a hop, a hippity to the hip-hop, the hip, hip, hip hop, and ya don't stop (yes I know this is corny but you still got got mad love for me, right?). I also like to delve into other spectrum's of a little thing we call musiak (pardon me, I just turned on the radio and heard "YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"), I mean music, yeah that's what I mean. So I will post music like Soul (check out Souled On (Music, Art, Politics and Life)), Jazz (cause I like to talk about all that Jazz (Props to Stetasonic)), and even Rock & Roll (What you smokin'.... Tical (Method Man in his prime)). So to all my readers (Yes I know it is only two, but a man can dream, a man can dream) I will discuss mostly hip hop items, but from time to time stray off the path to other roads, so please don't leave some disparaging comment like: "What the Hell, John, I love your blog and SH*T, but come on Jimi Hendrix, you going soft on me and you may lose a reader." I am who I be (don't correct me) and I does what I do (Hahaha, Craig Mack). Also, don't be surprised if I discuss my life (even If I don't have one) because this the only place where people give a damn (Thank you loneliness). So check for a post tamorrow (excuse me again, That radio is prone to cause brain damage). I mean to say check for a post tomorrow because I make it do what it do (RIP Ray Charles).

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone

Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Excuse Me Doug E Fresh"

"Oh, Oh, Oh My God." I can't believe i actually have the The Show/La-Di-Da-Di 12". Everyone and their mamas (literally) have heard one or both these songs. Let's take a stroll down memory lane (thanks for quote Biz Markie) and see how this came to be. Doug E Fresh used to run with a Boo-Dah Bliss Crew in 1983. He then (as stated in "The Show") decided to come up with the Get Fresh Crew. This crew consisted of DJs Barry B. and Chill Will. This crew also consisted of MC Ricky D. Of course, now everyone knows this MC to be the one and only Slick Rick. Doug E Fresh decided to cut a record with this crew that would go on to become one of hip hop's most enduring singles of all time: The Show and La-Di-Da-Di. These songs have been sample by countless artist (to this day they still make cheddar of this) and even redone by Snoop Doggy Dogg (i use his orginial name since he covered the song with this name). So where the Hell am I going with this you (since only two people reader read this) ask? How the Hell am I suppose to know. Sike, Sike (Does anybody even say this anymore) just playing, but for real here is where I am going. I present this fabolous 12" in all it's glory with a little some thing extra:

Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh Tribute Part II

This is a tribute vid someone made with the audio from the 12"


"Ladi Dadi" by Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh [LIVE]

Slick Rick and Doug E fresh perform at some concert (I Think)


Finally, for the two readers that are still reading, here is The Show/La-Di-Da-Di 12":

The Show (Vocal) (6:40)
The Show (4:40)
La Di-Da-Di (4:58)

The Show (Instrumental) (6:28)


Friday, October 26, 2007

Tribe Tribute Vol. 1

Here is the first if a series of tributes that I found or create to IMO the best 2 MC and 1 DJ crew of all time: A TRIBE CALLED QUEST. Anyone out there who cares to prove me wrong well you coming to the man. Lyrics to Go is the thirteenth of fourteenth song on their third album and one of their best songs. This is one of the illest tracks on the album. I'm ja mad they did not make a video for it. O well, They still my fave hip hop group for eternity. For those of you old, old school cats out there, you may be familiar with the Minnie Riperton Sample for "Inside My Love". I hope the masses enjoy this video I created.

Yo before I's goes, let me leave a little message:
Do what you love and Love what you do
Follow this and I got mad love for you
Get in for whack reasons
I'll call you out for treason
Art is expression to the fullest
Respect yours to the illest
Money makes the world go
Don't let it turn you into a H*e
I give mad respect for those who represent the real hip hop
Rap is just that, so I give those true MC's the real mad props
I'm a up and coming poet
from this you know it
So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to th extreme

To the tribe,
Stay fresh with all those vibes
The music put out makes me live
It really does not matter where you are in the ranks
From a real fan, I gots to give thanks

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone

Opening Day

"Today is the beginning of the rest of your life..."

This was said to me (well my graduating class of 2007) in June. Well This is how I will come into blogging scene for the whole wide web or world to see (this probably means only two people will read this). Yet, I am still optimistic about this whole blogging spectrum. I have seen so many other blogs like whentheyreminisce, dumpin, and wakeyourdaughterup. I finally decided create my own blog since I have so much to say and offer. I just hope those who visit my blog to get some good feeling for their day. I just (need to switch up sentence styles) hope in the end to add the positive growth of the blog scene.

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone