Friday, November 28, 2008

"Time For The Renaissance to Reawaken What's Living..."

Good Day to the world (shouts this to his comupter screen). This must be some type of mirror-ac-cle. I actually following up on what something I said I would do. Who said "Bloggers blog with no responsiblty." Just look at the way I keeps up to date like an up-tad-ta-date to your Norton Anti-Virus (Umm.Yeah). So are you ready? *Yeah*, Naw, Naw I mean are You Ready *Yeah* No, ON THE BUGGED TIP, ARE YOU READY TO GET DOWN LIKE SOME AUTO-INSUSTRY CATS GEARING UP TO BEG TO CONGRESS FOR MORE LUICHINI TO BE BAILED-OUT *YEA..WHAT??!!!*

Excuse me, for that last sentence. It happens when you read so many quotes from 'Ye (Seriously, though, No rap in the residence??!!!, So when your first three CD's come into the Ipod shuffle, you probably because???!!!, Damnit, Yous Kanye "The True God's Son" West and your the best manye (no for real, you released the albums that were top-notch, feel good about and don't let it get to your hea.. uh nevermind)!!!!). Anywho, let's get into, NO, I mean LET's GET INTO (sounds good when you say it this way) the subject matter of today's post. Today's blog post subject is a cat who straight up redifined what it meant to be and MC and Producer (Looks in certain MC/Producers direction with a eye that does no have a pleasent odor who should follow this cat's lead). He is 1/3 of, arguably, the best hip-hop group of all time. Plus, without him (and his fellow group members), the world would not have "Lyrics to Go (said in same manner off Midnight Marauders Album)." I guess that, with the title of the post is all that needs to be said. So without further ado let's get into today's guest. Hailing from Queens, NY, The legendary and only other definition to question "What Utensil is used to clean the ears (said in Alex Trebek voice)":

(said In children and (for the kids who grew on his music, that are now) adults voice). His backstory should be pretty well known (at least to the people who visit this place, if anyone still does??!!!), but I still get into it with not much detail (because let's be real, how do you not know Tip??!!). Q-Tip was born in Harlem, New York, but, but, but he was raised in Queens, New York. To be Pacific-Like-the-River...I mean Ocean (yeah, that's what John meant), he was raised on Linden Boulevard (Still Checking the Rhime, but sentence doesn't(huh)). Growing up on this place, he met many people and even met his best friend on Linden. Let's say him to be known as Phife Dawg (would say government name, but this is Hip-Hop (yeah, I know that does not mean a damn thing). These two cats grew up as Hip-Hop was coming into popularity and they believed that "what the heaven" let's jump into this thang called "Rap".

*Sidenote: I am not going to get into the Tribe's History in this post until a future post because I got's to focus on the subject of this post*. Tip and Phife said why not form a Rap group. This was after the met when to a business school and met up with another cat interested in the DJing side of Rap. Let's say him to be known as Ali Shaheed Muhammad (this is his government name, go 8-figure). Eventually these cats came to form a rap group that came to be known worldwide as "A Tribe Called Quest" and went to forever change the landscape of Rap with innovative production and just cool music that could appeal to the masses (True, True).

*Sidenote: Thought I wasn't serious about not gettin (up) into the history of the Tribe .*Yeah* Well you know what you have to do. Don't look all dispondent because you brought this upon youself. Go and slap youself silly a couple times and you can back because John still cares for your well being (call me the governmental except that I actually care for my constituents(ooooohh!!)).* After the Tribe called it quits in 98' (one of the saddest days in my life to hear that news, Don't believe, ask my therapist *Dr. Drew says: True, now John, admittance is a step towards recovery* I know, I Know (says this sobbingly)), Tip went for dolo (Tip went through highs and lows throughout his career with Tribe and through his tenure, he converted to Islam and changed his name to Kamaal Fareed). Okay, back track, Q-Tip, of course decided to record an solo debut album because the public was anxious for it.

What came to result was Amplified. Let me describe what Amplified was (and still may be in some people's eyes to this day). Amplified was your favorite sports star doing all the things that made you follow them down to the horrible (or GRREAT) shoes that are overpriced and then when free agency comes along (or some advertising deal), they decide to choose a rival team that you could never picture them going for in your lifetime and now the sun is night and moon is day and the apocolaypse is coming around the corner. This may be an exaggeration (but, by reading, this blog, what isn't), but most had to be shocked by the sudden turn Tip took with Hype Williams Videos (Belly a classic???) and going for things that you never thought Tip would go for in forever. The more shocking thing is that is flashy style music had J Dilla behind the boards (Dilla forever, RIP). Yet, there were some gems in this project for the devoted Tribe fans looking for sometime to still hold on to the Tribe. "Vivrant Thing" and "Breathe and Stop" were two songs doing fairly well in the club with its party atomsphere vibe and just all things out the window feel to both songs (I believed, for a short time, these two songs were the same and, from looking around the web, I am not the only person who felt this way). "Let's Ride" was another cool song from the album, but the shock had already settled in for Tribe fans (and new ones): Tip had gone mainstream (All H*ll Breaks loose with this statement).

Tip was beginning work on a follow-up to Amplified, but he we wanted to do something completely different. He wanted to do an album with a band (like the legendary Roots Crew (yes, this is how they must referred too), but with a Jimi Hendrix feel to it. His label at the time, Arista, intially said "Sounds Interesting, Let's Try It". With That, Tip worked on songs that seemed to be a cross of rock and rap and hip-hop and jazz working together as one force. The project eventually came to be known as Kamaal The Abstract. This project showed the maturity that you expect from most artist, BUT DON'T ACTUALLY SEE (OR HEAR, in this case). Kamaal the Abstract showed Tip operating on a 70's vibe with the live instruments and his talents blendly to make something you could get down to. So with praise like this, you know how excited the label was to release this? They were so excited that they...never released it (that's the breaks-De La Soul from Stakes is High). Funny thing about the industry, it's "f-ed" the "F" up. But Tip understood the business, because did he introuduce us to industry rule #4080. You know the unique style Tip had on the album, well, Andre 3000 must've heard a good portion of this because this is "The Love Below" before "The Love Below" (sans a great song like "Hey Ya", play that for-every-day). Don't worry, Tip is cool about what went down because he's an adult and can handle it like an adult (Maturity: The number one leading cause amongst black folks to a place of well-being in life).

Tip during the years would eventually recorded andother album, Open, that WOULD NOT BE RELEASED (Seriously, MotherF**K a record company). Tip, the consamate professional, would endure the trials and tribulations to finally get to this point of time of having a offical second album being released. The Renaissance (after a name change or two) is the proper second release from Q-Tip. The Renaissance was released Nov. 4, 2008 (on the same day as history, what a suprise (sentence dripped in sarcasm)) to the masses. The album has, so far, garned critical acclaim and success from the masses because it still holds the pieces of the Tribe sound we all know and grew up with, but it also shows an artist willing to forray into areas most would deem "Nah, Son, Not My Cup of Henny".

Hmm... with an overview like that for the album did i just give away my review for thew album? *Crowd Gasps*. Nah, but don't you like the way I left you in suspense (like news on Only Built For A Cuban Linx II and The Detox actually having release dates) *Someones says "No"* *John takes care of that fool and askes "Any other Opinions?", "GOOD"*. So without further ado, Q-Tip's The Renaissance Album......Review and then Album.
John Q: Got you again
Reader: Where?
John Q: Mentally
Reader: Preety Sneaky, You Unscheduled Blogger, Preety Keek-Da-Sneeky
Guy Fawkes: John, You Forgot About The Other Guy on Here?
John Q: No, No, I was just about to throw the program over to you too keep the party bumping
Guy Fawkes: Cool. John, you told your story, and now, I will tell mine (Mystery of Doom (skit) instrumental plays in background)

Here is Guy Fawkes Review intro:
Even as a 90's baby, (yes a 90's baby) I can still confidently say I grew up on A Tribe Called Quest. When most kids my age were falling out of love with Nickleback and Eminem, I was bumping Award Tour out of my mom's car... on the weekends. One of the most nostalgic moments of my present childhood was going to a record store that actually held The Low End Theory or Midnight Marauders and paying full price for both of them (remember I'm a 90's baby). Once I copped those albums I would play them inside out, back to front, and cover to cover until I knew the song better than Phife and Q-Tip. Needless to say, I'm a fan! Shortly after exploring the Tribe discography, I decided to investigate Q-Tip's short-lived solo career (until now anyway). As a huge jazz rap and abstract hip-hop head, I was somewhat dissappointed with the debut. So here's hoping to a better go-round the second (err..third) time around (Hear, Hear.)

1. Johnny Is Dead
John's Take
IT'S ON!!!! Q-Tip shows other cats how you jump into an rap album, so to heckle with a rap intro. Tip comes at you like a cat on a mission and would you look at that, glance over the title of his album to see what drives him this time around. The production on this song is top notch with the loop guitar licks and the banging (and at times) beat to give Tip an arena to operate in. The beat is pretty good at holding you in it as Tip goes in at what he sees as a floundering art he once (and still is, in this repsect) at the forefront helping to expand only to see it suffering under a tent of uncreativism and "Everybody follows who popular"-ism (as he sees through the screen and hears on the radio (People still listen to radio??!!). Listen close or you just might miss what the true topic of the song is...
Guy's Take
If there's one thing that I really enjoy about Q-Tip it has to be his beautiful flow (no homo not even necessary). This isn't a bad song per se' but I couldn't really get into it because of the choppy flow equipped here. Everything else is pretty average too, the instrumental didn't really catch my ear and the hook is very ehhh... But it's a rap intro (fingers crossed).
*John Q: To Each his own I see (It's all good like a week of thanksgiving) and you will see what I mean when it comes to next song*

2. Won't Trade
John's Take
NICE TO HEAR!!! This is what comes to mind as I this song. Let's get something straight: Tip's Lyryicism on this song (as Guy will hit upon in his take) is just crazy...good! But, the song's proudction did not grab me like the previous song. The drums on the track is dope with the blaring backdrop, but I felt like I wanted something else. I could have sworn I read somewhere the Mark Ronson was involved with production duties on this song, but I guess that was just my thinking's thin-king. Q-Tip samples "You Made A Believer Out Of Me" by Ruby Andrews, saying that he won't trade for Hip-Hop and he is in it for-every. Nice message for the kids to ponder as we see Tip try to get up from this (see what I did there with the transition into... aw, forget it).
Guy's Take
Had me nodding my head for the whole 2:41. The lyricism is pretty sick, and the whole song flows really well together. It's a concept track based on basketball (I think), and even though I'm not a fan of songs like these, I'll admit that this track is pretty hot. And I can't even imagine how many crates of records Q must have dug through before finding the vocal sample for this track.

3. Gettin' Up
John's Take
GETTIN UP!!! Q-Tip jumps right into the game with this sweet little number to ladies. This song seems more like an uplifiting thing to play for your significant other (the world is very different from the world we used to know, so use this phrase to reach all people). Q-Tip's production on this track is pretty good with sampling Black Ivory's glitzy "You and I" and flipping it into this sweet little number (stuck in phrase mode, happens to the best of us (or worst (hmmm..)). Tip's wordplay on this song is playful, but fits the songs atomsphere. His reference to Ruby Dee and Ossie and/or Martin and Corretta is amusing cause it tells of cat who seems ready to...settle dow...Get Up (Yeah, that's what I mean (and what Tip seems to mean)).
Guy's Take
Q-Tip's what 38? When he was 20 and making tracks like Electric Relaxation for the ladies it was cool. Not as a 40 year old though. "We can be like Martin and Coretta"... ehh. A cute sentiment, but your trying way too hard homie. This was an easy skip for me.
*John Q: Funny take on the song and won't really argue for long on you with you point of view*

4. Official
John's Take
DOPE!!! This is what I'm talking about. From the cut up vocal sample at the beginning to Tip's action over the track, everything works for me on here. Now, Granted, I did hear this song since 06' when it was supposed to be on his 2nd unreleased album (Like I said earlier, MF A RECORD COMPANY), but he updated the song's sound and made it funkier. The proudction just bangs on this song and Tip just does what Tip is known for doing: Abstracting. Funky jam to get down too. That's all.
Guy's Take
Mess of a song. Choppy flow again, a vocal sample that doesn't fit the rhythm at all, and too much singing (I've never been a fan of Kamaal the singer). I had a hard time listening to this track.
*John Q: One time we can differ on opinion completly on a track, but to each his own, so it's all good, all issues solved over Thanksgiving Feast (Trust Me by watching Soul Food (and then think of the Boondocks (Smiles as he ssays this)))*

5. You

John's Take
LATE NIGHT PHONE MESSAGE!!! When you hear this song, the statement that sums up this song will totally make sense. And You Know what?? I actually dug this song. Q-Tip's production has an spacey backdrop with the snare drums hit you a stop clap motion with the bass play coming into secne sometime later to set the mood for a downer of a song. Tip flows on how the stress he feels on his mind....was you (True, it's not me, it's you (should be the other way around, right???!!!). The song for some odd reason reminds me of Usher's Confession (and boom goes the dynamite).
Guy's Take
This is more of the beats I was expecting to hear. Not a bad song, not much more than singing though. I'm not complaining though, I was feeling this track after a few listens.
*John Q: Could not agree more, Guy*

6. We Fight/We Love (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
John's Take
AND IT, AND IT, AND IT BEGINS!!! This phrase Tip uses at the beginning holds more meaning than appears to be to the naked ears (cover those ears, but then how will you hear the music???!!!). Allow me to explain. In my mind, it feels like not only is Tip jump-starting his way off to best collaboration on the album, but it feels like this is the point in the album where things really get going. From here, the album just flows into the end (as well shall see). The production on this song is just how can I say this...Unbelievable. Tip just produces a cool, spacey atomsphere for him, and Saadiq, to operate in. Look I think it needs to said: Everytime these cats collaborate on a song, the results are usually great. Don't believe Q, just look at the first song they collaborated on and sit quietly as I proceed. Tip flows on one end about of a relationship where each individual find themselves in a peculiar situtaion that leaves both feeling strained and stressed over how things have progressed in what had to start out on such great terms. On the other end, Tip flows about an young man, so searching for his identity, joins to military only find himself more lost than he has ever been before. You, know, this song is really a downer but a groovy downer, so its all good. Saadiq is just great over the hook and emphasizes "We Fight/We Love".
Guy's Take
A soft instrumental complements Tip's great storytelling, and Raphael Saadiq stops in for the hook. This is definitely a song for the grown-ups, so I wasn't really feeling it, but it's got potential... I've got potential to enjoy it soon!

7. Manwomanboogie (feat. Amanda Diva)
John's Take
THE TRAIN THAT KEEPS GOING!!! This is what comesto mind when this song comes on. The production for this track sounds like the track is constantly in that mode to start. It is not bad at all. Tip's production is just a loop of some drums rattling to together (probably way off base here) with a guitar playing throughout clapping hands in background to add to the studio atomsphere of 70's band playing background (or part it). Tip spits on the tricky relationship between woman and man. He basically says that even though man and woman can survive on there own, they can come together and form voltron. The thing that caught my attention on this track was actually Amanda Diva. First time i heard this track, I was amazed how dope a singer she actually is (I know, I should not be). I felt she should have had more time on the track. But all in all, nod off to this track and keep it (look to title of next song).....
Guy's Take
On this song he tries to explore man and woman's evolution. I don't know that this instrumental was the ideal platform for such an exploration. Wasn't really feeling this track.


John's Take
BANGER TIMES TWO!!! Ahhh... The infamous "Move". I say this with the feeling everyone seems to have for this track (I will explain in a moment). This track is split into two so let's start with the good first (since it comes first). The first half of this song's production has J DIlla (Yo, Where my *excuse me* Dilla at - Q-Tip (edited, of course)) sampling "Dancing Machine" by The Jackson 5 to create a club-bumping joint to help move the crowd. Tip spits "hot fire" on the track as he tries to make you move. Tip also touches upon rappers not cut out for the long run and how he takes the listeners over the industry, no matter what. So the funny thing with this track it continues and you wait to proceed to tthe next song and than: BAM (like that chef). The Renaissance rap comes into full force. The Renaissance rap is a hidden track on the album and you know I am pissed I am that it is. This is easily one of the best tracks on the album (so good, he made a video for it (and the video is dope)). Tip just rips sh*t up over this simple, though banging, backdrop. Tip really just levels with cats on this track and, as he takes this introspective journey, he reminds you: That its the Renaissance (fading to black)...
Guy's Take
Double-sided song, the first half of the song is a dance track: "Here they come yo, here they come". A song clearly targeted for the ladies, but the second half of the track is a deeply introspective song. The instrumental sounds Renaissance-esque (like 15th century Europe), and is accented by some amazing story-telling. On some old school Tip ish. I'm disappointed these songs weren't separated, because the second half is amazing.
*John Q: Could not agree more, Guy (This Guy really sums thing up, well. I got to learn how to do that better)*

9. Dance on Glass
John's Take
TEAR SH*T UP!!! I would talk about the production on the track, but the best production on this track comes courtesy of Q-Tip himself. For about like a minute, he just tears sh*t up over the BS a label can push you to go for, but stay true to listeners and youself. Tip also shows he still a top-notch MC as he goes for fools who seem to mishandle this profession we call "MCing". Love the shot he takes at some of the more noticable rappers who seem to have billboard hostage at the moment. This production on the track is some scracthes mixed with a banging drum to pound home the message he wants you take away from the track. This is easily the lyrical highlight of the album.
Guy's Take
You know what? Props Q, he rocked the shit accapella for more than a minute and killed it! This song is put together very strangely, but is definitely worth a listen. I don't know about the singing at the start though.

10. Life Is Better (feat. Norah Jones)
IT WORKS!!! This is the oddest of collaborations to most hip-hop heads, but, strangely, it works. Now what exaclty works. Umm... Everything (for me). The production on is just...great. Tip uses of the drums (you feel it, for sure) and keyboard blends well as Norah just sings swell over the track. Tip sounds like he spit his verse over a phone, but, IT WORKS. Tip flows on rappers who influenced him and rappers who keep his interest. The list is pretty interesting to listen over and may even suprise you with some of his choices. The songs subject is: "Life is Bettteeerrrrr, since I found you." Who he is actually talking about. Well, take a listen and you will hear for yourself...
Guy's Take
Life would be better if Q-Tip didn't make songs like this. Maybe it's just me but this seemed like a half-assed hip hop ode. Just me... I have a snaking suspicion John was feeling this track.
*John Q: Man, talk about knowing people. We never met each in person and yet, he correctly predicts my take on this song. This is what happens on your blog has team memebers. You can go all Nostrodamus on cats (Not Nastradumus, NOSTRADAMUS, the original prophet). Funny how opinions differ greatly on this song, but it still all good after battle that took five days to conclude (It was a draw, for those who gamble)*

11. Believe (feat. D'Angelo)
BELIEVE IN BELIEVING!!! Easily the most uplifting track on the album. Tip's production for this track is smooth. The fender rhodes brings the listening into a higher realm as D'Angelo (who knew) sounds in prime form saying he believes. The way the fender rhodes mixes in with the band (that's a band playing, you can tell) , it just sets the stage to...believe. Tip flows on how believing can be a contributing factor to get the work done for progressing to a better tommorrow. Tip says somethings that really ring true like "Believe in your friends, Don;t belive in your enemies", "Believe in Believing", and "Sometimes I wish I had belief when I didn't." These words ring so true for the times we are in. People are struggling to hold on to funds that are shrinking at a disturbing rate and now, more, than ever, we need to have belief that tommorrow, you have the chance to held make a difference in the world for the better. Heed the message of this track as you wake up outta of bed, becuase it will help you have a brighter propspect for the day (I know it helped me feel better for the days to come, no matter the ostablaces that are sure to come. Call it Unbridled Hope).
Guy's Take
I wanted to love this song, but I just couldn't. The beat is magnificent, but the message that ties the song together is somewhat lacking.
*John Q: Look for Q's Sidenote Under Guy Take's for "Life is Better" and Insert that here*

12. Shaka
John's Take
LET'S GO!!! This is how you end an album. The production of the tracks harpons upon an otherworld spirit that makes it's presence felt throughout the track. This track feels like it ready to elevate (and the music that preceeded it) to higher level. Tip just flows on about how his friend (I mean, Brother) Shaka, J Dilla, and his father have all had unmeasurable influence on his life and he will continue to live a life that seeks to exmplifiy the honor he had of knowing these poeple in his life. Their spirits will continue to preside over him and help to continue to shape him into an extraordinary individual.
Guy's Take
Another poignant production, and this is a great way to finish up this album. No matter how the material before it sounds, this song will leave you wanting more Q-Tip.

Final Thoughts:
John's Take
Q-Tip makes a triumphant (althought, he never really went anywhere) return to scene. This is easily one of the best albums released in a year which has seen hip-hop have a upswing. This album is great listen, and while Tip does not fully deliever the Renaissance he had hoped to usher in, he does a great job of still find his niche in today's hip-hop climate. The Renaissance has at least achieved one thing he set out to do: Reawken What's Living. And in the end, Q-Tip can probably reap this benefit as the greatest benefits that is to be gained fromt his album.
Guy's Take
And that will conclude this album. To tell the truth, I was somewhat dissapointed. The album itself was to be expected. Lately Q-Tip among numerous other rappers has begun singing more than rhyming. This album is somewhat similar to his second LP Kamaal the Abstract, in terms of singing. But this is Q's finest produced album to date. Considering he produced or co-produced almost the whole album, that is quite an achievement. There's something here for everyone, so check it! "Here they come yo, here they come...."

So without further ado, Q-Tip's The Renaissance:

Mediafire Link (courtesy of Boxing Scene Forum (Who knew))


Amazon Link (Dig the sounds, Support what you like, cause it goes a long way)

A Little Sum-Something to Go Along With That:

Q-Tip - The Renaissance [The Samples]


Rapidshare Link

(Courtesy of Hip Hop Is Read. He put the set together, got all the links cozy, made the party jump it was only walking. All credit must be given to Ivan of Hip Hop Is Read.Stop by his place sometime, you will dig the sights and sounds (I gurantee it)).

Q-Tip - B-Sides, Rarities, and Other Ish from the Whole Recording Process Up Til 2nd Album


1. Feelin' (Kamaal The Abstract)
2. Do You Dig You (Kamaal The Abstract)
3. A Million Times (Kamaal The Abstract)
4. Blue Girl (Kamaal The Abstract)
5. Barely In Love (Kamaal The Abstract)
6. Heels (Kamaal The Abstract)
7. Abstractionism (Kamaal The Abstract)
8. Caring (Kamaal The Abstract)
9. Even If It's So (Kamaal The Abstract)
10. Johnny Died (Open) (Original Version of "Johnny Is Dead")
11. Black Boy (Open)
12. Official (Open) (Original Version of "Official")
13. N/A (feat. Common) (Open)
14. Say Something For Me (Open)
15. Interlude (Open)
16. I'm Not Gone Have It (Open)
17. Unknown (Open)
18. Feelings (Open)
19. Where Do You Go (Open) (Reworked into "Shaka")
20. Unidentified (Open)
21. That's Sexy (feat. Andre 3000) (Open)
22. Late Mornin' (Open)
23. Compute (Open)
24. I Believe (feat. D'Angelo) (Open) (Orginial Version of "I Believe")
25. Lisa (Extended Instrumental) (Open)
26. Instrumental (Open)
27. Lisa (Original) (Open)
28. Fever (Live at The Renaissance)
29. For The Nasty (feat. Busta Rhymes)
30. Work It Out [Main]
31. Work It Out [Instrumental]
32. Work It Out [Acapella]
33. Gettin' Up (Instrumental)
34. Gettin' Up Remix (feat. Eve)
35. Gettin' Up Remix (feat. Camp Lo)
36. Gettin' Up Remix [DJ Scratch Mix] (feat. Busta Rhymes)
37. Move [Instrumental]
38. Feva [Unreleased]
39. Good Thang [Unreleased]
40. Renaissance Rap [Hidden Track after Move]
41. Q-Tip for President (J. Period Mix)
42. Shaka (feat. President Barack Obama) (Original (Read: Greater) Version of Shaka)

Megaupload Link

*Tracks with Bold In Parenthesis are in order they appear off the unreleased projects that accumulated over the years.*

(Courtesy of Lyrics to Go. This took forever to put together with pain-staking thought put into packaging this set. So appreciate this drop and try not to put the link on other website without giving credit where credit is due)

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those
cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q Moves On

(Don't know when I'm going to come back, this post took a lot out of me)

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Monday, November 24, 2008

"On John's Mind"

This Post comes courtesy of... aw f*ck it. I don't really have reason for this post except what the title says. Any other questions? *Yo, Where Dame at* Broke, Kanye, now stop smiling.

I just going to in on a new segment to our programs (that never really have any timetable). It is called "What's On John Mind" *What* What's On JOhn Mind *WHAT* "WHAT'S ON JOHN MIND*. NOw shut the "Pardon The Interuption" Up and let's see what's on your mind John *Thanks Q*:

Item 1: How many cats are going to cop 'Ye's and LUDA (yes, you have to say it like that) new joints today? I have the seen the response (on the blogsphere, of course) to both joints and not too suprising.
When 'Ye first came out with that Love Lockdown tale, not to many people where feeling it (Heard and saw why), but you can't front on his skills. 'Ye seems to be a cat (or bear (where the bear go, by the way)) who, as talented as he, can't reach the heights of legacy he is truly capable of reaching. Wht's stopping him you ask? Kanye, of course. Oh well, listen to a little more 808 and wait until his true 4th solo album "Good A*s Job." How may cats with me on this angle (hopefully perpendicular and not parallel *Big-ups Trugoy on the line-drop*).
As for LUDA (yes, you have to say it like this), his new joint comes through like the Celtics back to work (Big-ups to Dart and the whole Celtic nation). Theater of Mind finds LUDA in familiar and some new terrority with great results. LUDA should gain more recognition as a dope MC with a dope (not meaning weed (or maybe??!!)), but a dope meaning goood (STAKES IS HIGH) career. He is what you find as comedy's curse of hip hop. Allow me to explain. Think about Eminem, for a second. He is, arguably, one of the best MCs ever to bold crush a microphone, but he probably won't receive the true praise he deserves. Why, You ask? Simple, comedy. Call this the curse of comedy in hip-hop. Don't believe me. Cool, I wont' get ups.. aw f-it, *punches air in the face*. Sorry for violence, let's get serious on this tip. Make a top ten list of MC's. *Check*, Now check it twice *Check*, Now tell how many of those MC's ever had a goofy aspect to their music (INTENTIONALLY, of course). See what I mean? Don't front on Q *Yells someone else: or John*. Um..Yeah!!!

Item 2: How many of you still buzzing off the election?
Let me answer by saying I still hungover from the election. You know my feelings on the election (check previous post), so i leave this short by saying look at Jeezy and Nas for some express on my feelings of the current (Outta here with next) president of these United States (Funny, Never thought Jeezy's name would end on here, but hey, you learn something new everyday's day).

Item 3: Seriously, Are the Giants not going to win the Super Bowl?
The Giants are better than they were last year and they won the super bowl (How's that for improvement). These cats can play with anybody in the line up and they move on EPMD "Business As Usual" thing. Teh funny thing with this team is that even when the Titans were undefeated, most people thought the Giants were the best in the league. How weird would it be for the Super Bowl to by a New York Thing (First Rap and Now Football, Man, New York Reigns Supreme (for now))

Item 4: How Dope was That LUDA-cris shoutout to The Smoking Section
The good folks over at *Top 5* blog on the intranet, Smoking Section, must have been lifted over this for a good while. This or they kept it moving on a "Respect Our Fresh" attitude that got them to be a leader in this thang called "Blogging". Man, with Ivan, from Hip Hop Is Read, cold crushing cats with sample sets and Kevin, from Kevin!Nottingham: This Is Real Hip Hop, turn out the place with week's dedicated to certain artist, no wonder they have blogger respect, so many other cats covet, but can't attain. Can't forget Max from Hip Hop Isn't Dead with daily updates (how does have time to do this) and Dart Adams with Poisonous Paragraphs, and to others who stay daily (or consistent with ther blogs). This leads me into my final thought...

Look, School's a *say what* and then you pass????!!!! I am trying to hard to organize me schedule to have a consistent schedule to blog on but, you know how one thing holds on to your attention for more than 5 seconds. College is almost over (Pop Cham-Pag-Ine (anyone see that ridicoulous video, aren't we in a recession, but I digress)) and I can start to do *Cross fingers and toes and thoughts???!!!* daily or every other day updates. Trust Me, I got some things lined and once the education comes to a conclusion, then we got to make the block hot and then cool it down (Umm...Yeah!!). So peep what's to come in the future days (and can't forgets Guy Fawkes, help to solidy L2G's backcourt):

Just to Name a Few...

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those
cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone
(But not for long.....)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

"It Begins.."

President-Elect Barack Obama's Weekly Address on Youtube

Welcome to tommorrow. It starts today (on Jan. 20, to be exact). It is going to be tough, but we can get through, united as one, because I see only a brighter horizon for our country. Good to see the President (Outta Here with That, elect, because ask anybody who the president is and there face lights up like Christmas morning with my assumption on who the real president is). Look around the country, you will find the most unsual of predicaments people finds themselves in (including me). People understand that with the economy in a disastrous disposition, and the country engaged in two wars, ask them how they feel about the direction of the country and most people get excited??!! Why is this? Their tampered excitement comes from one source: HOPE. Hope that maybe a family can afford to send their child to collge (or afford a good education). Hope that I can recieve health care so that you don't a loved family member agonize through a pain that deserves medical attention (or prescription) you cannot afford. Hope for a future that does not leave someone depressed about waking up the next day.

So to you, President Obama (feels good saying, doesn't it?!!), we as a nation have entrusted you with job of the official in the land. I Hope you can deliever on your promises of a better tommorrow and leads us to a prosperity that fills the nation with an optimisim that one can only realize as they sleep. Is this going to be a fine road to fix the nations problems? No. But, even with the bumps in the road as we journey thorugh these 4 (let's say 8 to make every feel as ease), I see that you turly understand the gravity of the situation and you are prepared to handle these situations with a the responsiblty, caution, care, and understanding the last presidency relayy displayed.

I Hope that Nov. 4 was the another great step towards the mountaintop that young preacher from Georgia witnessed with his own eyes. I Hope that you assemble a cabinet that only progresses (no detract) from the bright future you have in your mind and heart for this nation. I hope you soar to new heights as President ofthe United States, because you succession is our success and you fail.. no, I turly believe you will succed, so just focus on the glass that half full.

Finally, I hope you bring a change that Washington, DC so desparately needs. You have a mandate few Presidents have ever had and the goodwill of the world. Now that the time for celebration has come (and soon pass by the Jan. 20), our task at hand is mighty and daunting, but with a heeded and careful approach to the problem, we can reach a solution that extends across the world.

So, through Hope, let's Change the course of our country for a brighter future that Unites people across the nation and, hopefully, the world.

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those
cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"A Change Has Come"

FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT (Let it sink in as tears hit the keyboards)!!!!


So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those
cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone