Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"I Used to Let The Mic Smoke"

*Opening My Eyes* What the hell just happened. I could have sworn I had just went to bed for a little nap. (Asking my fam what's going on) Hey, yo black, what day it be? (My sibling repiles) You know it's Tuesday. TUESDAY!!! I had a rip van winkle that came past my way. Yo, I been outs cold since Sunday. I got lots of things to take care of like, wait hold on, (to my sibling) why didn't you wake me up? Because, Dreams don't come true! Okayeee??!!! The first thing that comes to my mind is my BLOG. I just told my readers that it was not over and now they must think it's all over (I loves me some repetition). So to my wonderful readers, I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!! (See, isn't that better than me telling you the truth, huh, huh, come on SAY SOMETHING (tears of need start appearing)).

Well, now that I am lying/truthfully describing my absence, back to our regularly scheduled programs(hint, hint):

Eric B. and Rakim released the "I Ain't No Joke" 12" in 1987 (awhh..just one year before one of the best years in Hip-Hop). This song right here told you were these cats were coming from. I mean, to witness (later on) and hear the complex, yet smooth rhymes Rakim Allah dropped over this beat was downright chillin. I mean, think about, most rappers in those days discussed topics that had no depth to them and then in comes Rakim sending a message to the rap world that if you step to his crew, there better not be any funny business involved. This song also was introduction I had to Eric B. & Rakim, so that right tells you of it's significance. Funny note about this 12". The "I Ain't No Joke" song was the first one to appear on the 12" and the other two songs (only three songs on this 12", if you're keep count like Count von Count (One Eric B. and Rakim song, Two Eric B. and Rakim songs, Three Eric B. and Rakim songs, AH AH AH!)) appear on the album. I wonder-ring why there was no remax (yeah, accept it) to this song. Oh, Well, without further ado, The I Ain't No Joke 12", and of course, a little something extra:

Eric B and Rakim-I Aint No Joke

The music video (LOL at FLAVOR FLAV still acting a fool after all these years (stops laughing))


Eric B. Is On The Cut - Eric B. & Rakim

Fan made video

Now, Finally for(WHAT THE BLOOD CLOT????!!! There are still no convorsations (say what) starting up in the C-Box and I only gets one comment on my two last post (say this sadly), so I guess this is for my three (Q is moving on up) readers, and me, so that would make five readers (because I got this split personality that usually comes in in situations that bes split alike an atom or breaking....*sound of car breaks*, excuse that that ever so KOOOL-Aid talk) ) the finger-ticking (don't ask) I Ain't No Joke 12":

(Hope Y'all's cans reads that)

1 I Ain't No Joke (3:54)
2 Extended Beat (3:49)
3 Eric B Is On The Cut (3:48)


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