Thursday, July 22, 2010

Awoken Up on MY Born Day

Another year older and now it dawns on me, time to face the realities of the world and keep striving for success.

John Q's Bornday has come to fruition again for that annual festive time of the year (NO NOT THE HOLIDAY THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN AUGUST)(What That Means, I can't even tell you)

Sorry for that previous outburst, but sometimes a ______ get confused. Can I still join your wack crew?

*50 hangs up the phone (Which Today seems to be which fans have done to Fidy (OHhhh))*

Excuse me, I imagine I  smoking and drinking, I supposed to stop, but what more could you ask from the international.....

Where this is going?? I don't really know (Kinda like the direction of the blog* but wherever it goes you know it is going to be a loophole that makes the Joker ride at six flags seem therapeutic

So buckle up and Time to go out and about and have a throwdown Blaring Some Camp Lo, Tribe, Roy Ayers, & Kool and the Gang, Jamiroquai, Pete Rock & CL Smooth and whatever comes out of the iPod shuffle on The BOOMIN SYSTEM!!!

Happy born day to me indeed!!!