Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Reality Bites"

"I can't believe it. He made it. He actually escaping." Oh, Sorry, I am engaged in a story and will come back to you in moment. "Go, GO, GOOOOO!. Alright. He made through the woods. Now, he can finally tell his family he loves them for the last time. He frantically rushes towards his wife arm's. He just about to reach her and SNAP! What happened? The man was hanging from a noose. He must've imagined that whole scenario before he was hanged". This is a a scene from a story that I read when I was a junior in high school. It is a perfect allusion to what everybody suffers from: REALITY!

According to Webster, he says Reality is real things, facts, or events taken as a whole; state of affairs. My definition of this term is the world that we live are forced and chosen to live in/ adapt to as time continues on. "Okay, what the HELL?" One of you would say as you spit out some drink (say juice (but not the movie cause that can make you go CRAZZZIEEE, CRAZZIE (R.I.P ODB)). Well, What I am talking deals with the daily situations that we force ourselves or allow ourselves to become involved in.

"FREEZE, NOBODY MOVE!" "EVERYBODY PUT THEIR HANDS UP" says the 5-0. They dropped the guns, so went the glory, and this is the way I must end this story (Big Ups to Slick Rick). This is a common scenario many young, minority, males face every single day of the year. Seriously, the stats are out there for those who want to look it up.

I started this particular post awhile ago to comment on the passing of Kanye's mother. I was saddened for him for he lost not only his mother, but his best friend. I saw a video of him just a few days later of where he broke down during a concert. His state of mind must be troubling to those around him, but equally troubling was the very manner in which she passed on (I will digress into a little later).

Yesterday, I saw on the news that Sean Taylor had been shot in leg in an burglary attempt in his house. The news throughout the day appeared to be grim with the constant reports by media outlets that the situation was bleak, but then news came that he was responsive to nurses commands in the hospital. I go to bed with some type of relief that there is still some things in the world we can point to for others to hold onto to hope. So, I guess the news this morning defeats the spirits to everyone who hold on to hope. My brother came to me this morning saying "Sean Taylor has died". My first response was disbelief for I thought I misheard him. I went to the television to see that the news was indeed true. So I ask the question: What World are we living in today?

In today's world, it seems that more than ever before that we live in a time where security is just a fantasy of the world we live in today. We all have a heightened sense of fear, angst, paranoia, and so many other descriptions the match the mood of out society. I mean, we live in a time where constant pressures of society forces of many individuals to match the unrealistic desires promoted in the public. This type of pressure puts many people in the unfortunate position of have some type of cosmetic work done on their, perfectly healthy, bodies. These procedures usually cause more harm than good and leaves these people to ask themselves: Was it worth it?

I wonder how someone can take away someone else's life for, basically, a couple of hundred of dollars. Do the consequences take a back seat to brief pleasure? Because of the allure of temporary gains, someone had their life taken away as their star started to shine. The most difficult part of this is that we have to come face to face with reality.

OH!! Reality, must we continue to confront your presence.

Actually, here is a little diatribe I have on Reality:

Reality is hardest to face in times we don't want to face it
It hits you when your vulnerability is at its peak
Your the one foe I can't seem to escape
Now matter how hard I try, your the first thing I wake up to in the morning
I mean, do you know the dreams and desires I have for the future
Do have to impede on my path to achieve a utopia for all on earth
My mind travels through boundless depths to understand your very existence
And as I journey through these depths, it seems that some small solution opens the door to so many other questions
I guess that I may never find a true explanation for what you are
This may be answer that I grudgingly have to accept
But I just ask, Do you have to bring your companions along
The first friend I see accompanying you is always in constant disbelief and frightened
The next friend I see accompanying you appears to always be in an distempered mood
But it is your third companion that alarms me the most
Your third friend comes and goes as it pleases, with no regard for others and seems to work only on its agenda, not matter how much others plead for you to change the results. It haunts the lives of so many others and clearly, has no clear explanation for what it does.
To the world, the titles of your three friends are shock, anger, and death.
I have consistently found other avenues to the world you force me into, but it seems that your presence is too much for me to bear.
So listen up reality, You may come to people in the worst, and rarely best, situations, but people will continue to hold on for hope.
Why, you ask? (Even if the situation is invariable) Because this may be the only item we have in our precious, and finite, lives.

People from all aspects of your life will come and go. Some of these you may not even have the pleasure of meeting, but their influence on your life will not be wavered. Just remember, people who you love and cherish in life do not die, they just pass on to a better place to protect you and all those who loved them. Just know that they will always hold a special place in your heart and that through even your darkest time, there right there with you.

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

R.I.P. to all the those lost through these times
Just know that you did not die in vain.

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Switch Things Up"

You know, I have been doing things a certain way around here and I have decided to switch things up. I was going to bring you, Bew-tee-full people, albums and 12" starting with the early stages of HIP..HIP...HOOOOOP, but I say F-it to the critics hey now, I was I was walkin' down the street, balin'(?) to the beat, Phat beats in my head tennis shoes on my feet..excuse me, that Pharcyde got me buggin out incide.

Anywhooooooo, I tries to follow the formula but, you know I not good at English, I mean math, I MEAN MATHHHHHHHHHHATH!. OK, So I decided to take the advice of an ILLustious friend (see what I did there with the ILL and the oh never mind) and just post whatever the Hell I feel like posting. Now my Five readers may be saying "Word John?", "Word" as I reply. So get ready to see a heavier stream, and different amount, of albums post. ALIRGHT!

So be on the look Out, Because he' comin, he's comin, to a theather near you. Just call your local box office and register tickets to ... Excuse me that's that Kool-Delight drink talkin. I will drop intriguing and exciting things in the FUTURAMA!

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"The Start of Something Special"

I would love to bedazzle my five (look at previous post for thoughts on this number) readers with the other two 12"s released by Eric B. & Rakim to promote their debut album. See, there is just this one tiny itty bitty issue, I DON'T HAVE THE FREAKIN Twelve Inches (I AM REFERRING TO THE VINYL RECORDS AND NOT MY.. AWH NEVER MIND). So, I guess, this is the big moment you guys have been waiting for. I want to do an album overview in the same vein as Max from HipHopisntdead. I hope he does not come over to post and say " So this MOFO think he can bite my SHITE", "OH, Alright I GOIN TO GET THIS FOOL'S INFO, GO TO HIS PLACE, AND PULL A TYSON ON HIM (Late 80's Tyson style). I am going to respond by saying "I just wanted to do a dope album review in the same manner you review albums". Then, I'm probably going to have to pay up a large sum to continue to review albums in the same vein he does and end up filthy rich (hey, I see the glass half full).

Anywhooooooo, Eric B. & Rakim is a legendary DJ and Emcee (not rapper, as Rakim stated) crew from NEW YORK. I would go into their backstory some more, but if you're reading this blog, you know their story (if you don't know their story, exit stage left). They dropped some singles to promote their debut album in 1987. Of course, I posted most of these singles in previous post (But, you did not post all of the singles, one of you would point out, and I know this (as previously stated), SO GET OFF MY FREAKIN BACK (thank you kindly)).

Eric B. & Rakim released Paid in Full on July 7, 1987. At the time, the rap world was somewhat confounded by what was dropped on their ears. I mean, to hear rhymes put together in such a complex, yet articulate and smooth way was unbeknown to the lyricist of that time. Let's not forget the Beats. Eric B. (does not get enough production props) and Marley Marl (top ten producer) mixed the Godfather of Soul with rap to create a whole new spectrum of sampling. These two forces working together (cool rhymes & def beats) gelled to unleash a force onto that still resonates to this day. So without further ado, the Paid In Full Album......Review and then Album (see what I did there, I left you in suspense like RAKIM ALLAH (I got skills)):

A great start to the album. Thank God this is not the usual rap intro that leaves you tempted for the (if you don't run) skip button. I mean, How can you not like a song that has a question as serious cancer. Get your, prostate to fellas, or mammogram to ladies, checked out.

OK! I mean there is nothing wrong with this song. I guess Eric B had to get his own and was given three (yessirrreee, I said three) cuts on the album to display his talents. This is the best of the three.

DAMNNNEE! Now this is what I am talking about. Now that I put down the sunny delight, let's get to the subject at hand. What was I saying...oh yeah: DAMNNNNEEEEE! This is one of the best songs on the album. As you know, I discussed this song in an earlier post, so you can check there for the best interpretation I have of this song. I mean come on, twenty-one emcees were broken (or eaten), all at same time.

FIRE or ICE! At first I was going say this song is fire, but since this song was made by Eric B. & Rakim, I going to say Ice. Why, you ask? I just think about Eric B. & Rakim's cool demeanor through this song. This song is known for jump starting the Godfather of Soul Sampling phase in Rap. So that right there tells how good this song is.

NICE! This song has one piano loop to or something with Rakim bringing a whole new definition to the term MC (check earlier post for more thoughts on this song)

SPEECHLESS! What do you want me say about one of the greatest songs in rap history. I have already dicussed thsi song in an earlier post but let speak smore (accept it). This song only has one verse, but if the verse is as dope as the one put into this song, then i can accept one verse. I don't want to even get started on the beat. I mean, c'mon, name other beats that are so def that their remix is on par (or even better) than the original (name a good original song). How many cats copied the sampling techniques of this song, how many cats copied *sighs*

HMM! I don't say that as a diss, but more as a little letdown. I never really got into this song so much. Maybe it's the beat the acts as white noise with the watery effect in the song (check beginning and end).

NOT BAD! Here is another cut Eric B. was able to showcase himself on. I like this song incorporation of the Chinese beat into a hip hop beat. Eric B. did a good job of just cutting up Chinese rhythm into a beat with other elements present. Hmm, a Chinese culture mixed with hip hop, where have I seen this before????

KNOCKOUT! This may be the album's centerpiece. This song is for The DJ's who do their job and don't mention who they be fifty million times over the track. I discussed this song in an earlier post, I will continue my thoughts on it. First, every true hip hop fan should be able to say at least one verse from this song. Rakim just rips the song and Eric B. AND MARLEY MARL drop wonders behind the boards. For the longest time, people thought Eric B. was the only person who did the beat for the song. Just know this song still bumps today.

IT"S COOL! Ok, I say this as accepting this as the outro. It is not bad but if I had been given a little more, I might be full. Okay, now that the kool-aid is gone, I can continue on. This is the third of the trio of trio of cuts Eric B. was able to drop on the able. This is the extended beat of Move the Crowd. So, IT'S COOL.

Final Thoughts: Paid in Full is a great album that holds up most of the way throughout the album. There are some portions to it that sound dated, but overall i tis consistent. This album has been referenced to, sample, and complimented upon plenty of times. Rakim just one up the whole field with his lyrics that seem powerful, but calm. This completely changed the game and would take seven years (in 94') for another MC to come and have his name mentioned in the same sentence. As for the beats, they introduced this whole period in rap where James Brown was the backbone or some part to the beat. In total, Good way for these cats to introduce themselves to the world.

So without further ado, The Eric B. & Rakim Paid In Full ALBUM:


"I Used to Let The Mic Smoke"

*Opening My Eyes* What the hell just happened. I could have sworn I had just went to bed for a little nap. (Asking my fam what's going on) Hey, yo black, what day it be? (My sibling repiles) You know it's Tuesday. TUESDAY!!! I had a rip van winkle that came past my way. Yo, I been outs cold since Sunday. I got lots of things to take care of like, wait hold on, (to my sibling) why didn't you wake me up? Because, Dreams don't come true! Okayeee??!!! The first thing that comes to my mind is my BLOG. I just told my readers that it was not over and now they must think it's all over (I loves me some repetition). So to my wonderful readers, I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!! (See, isn't that better than me telling you the truth, huh, huh, come on SAY SOMETHING (tears of need start appearing)).

Well, now that I am lying/truthfully describing my absence, back to our regularly scheduled programs(hint, hint):

Eric B. and Rakim released the "I Ain't No Joke" 12" in 1987 (awhh..just one year before one of the best years in Hip-Hop). This song right here told you were these cats were coming from. I mean, to witness (later on) and hear the complex, yet smooth rhymes Rakim Allah dropped over this beat was downright chillin. I mean, think about, most rappers in those days discussed topics that had no depth to them and then in comes Rakim sending a message to the rap world that if you step to his crew, there better not be any funny business involved. This song also was introduction I had to Eric B. & Rakim, so that right tells you of it's significance. Funny note about this 12". The "I Ain't No Joke" song was the first one to appear on the 12" and the other two songs (only three songs on this 12", if you're keep count like Count von Count (One Eric B. and Rakim song, Two Eric B. and Rakim songs, Three Eric B. and Rakim songs, AH AH AH!)) appear on the album. I wonder-ring why there was no remax (yeah, accept it) to this song. Oh, Well, without further ado, The I Ain't No Joke 12", and of course, a little something extra:

Eric B and Rakim-I Aint No Joke

The music video (LOL at FLAVOR FLAV still acting a fool after all these years (stops laughing))


Eric B. Is On The Cut - Eric B. & Rakim

Fan made video

Now, Finally for(WHAT THE BLOOD CLOT????!!! There are still no convorsations (say what) starting up in the C-Box and I only gets one comment on my two last post (say this sadly), so I guess this is for my three (Q is moving on up) readers, and me, so that would make five readers (because I got this split personality that usually comes in in situations that bes split alike an atom or breaking....*sound of car breaks*, excuse that that ever so KOOOL-Aid talk) ) the finger-ticking (don't ask) I Ain't No Joke 12":

(Hope Y'all's cans reads that)

1 I Ain't No Joke (3:54)
2 Extended Beat (3:49)
3 Eric B Is On The Cut (3:48)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Just When You Thought It Was Over"

(Big Ups to the Graveeeediggers for that line) Wow. Did I just start a sentence with a parenthesis, I hope I don't fail English for that. Well anyway, I just want you p-p-people to knows that I ain't leave; I just had to take care of a couple of college items for a few days. But don't worry, cause it's coming, it's coming, it's coming (big ups to the Jungle Brothers feat. Q-Tip - The Promo). I will make my triumphant return tomorrow and drop not one, not two, but two post on you (wait, WHAT?). Yeah about that last sentence, see I had some kool-aid and sunny delight, so I hope I can wake by 2 pm tomorrow (no bull on them drinks). I guess I am somewhat satisfied with the comment (notice I did not say COMMENTS) on my last post. So I guess that is an indication of how important my life is. Well, I hope you guys come like herds of sheep because it is winter I need some new coats. Excuse me, I meant to say I want more bloggers to come to my blog (yeah that's what I meant). So to my two (not even sure about that number) readers, be on the look out because John Q on is On The Run (Two Jungle Brothers reference in one post, what are the odds?)

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone

Monday, November 5, 2007

"Eight Years & Counting"

In one of my previous post, I discussed how I may stray of that music path and go into my life stories. Well guys (my mom always say this), I guess this is one of these days. So today I will delve into the subject of LOVE (awhhhhhhhhhhhh....whatever). According to Webster, he defines it as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person or a a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. My definition somewhat paraphrases this in a different manner, but I will discuss that a little later.

I got to ask my two readers a quick question first. How is your love life going? Is it good to where you are in a nice and steady relationship with someone who appreciates you or is it at the train station waiting for the next line to come? For me (oh I love to talk about John Q), It clearly reflects the latter more than the former. I know my two readers may be asking "Whatcha you talkin about?" Well I am what Arnold was talkin about. Ok, now that I put the kool-aid down, I must deal with the subject at hand.

"I love you", there I said it, now let's see what if you feel the same way. *Few seconds pass with awkward silence* "I Guess your silence means that you feel the same way". She shakes her head, gives my back the flowers, and walks away. I am just about ready to reach the ripe old age of 20 (the world we live makes a guy feel old) and let me recount the last relationship I was in. Let's see, I am one, two years away from twenty and eight years removed from my last relationship, so that means no love since I was ten years old. Yayyy! You know at this rate I am going to break that record. Then I would be able to thank my mom, my low self esteem, low confidence, and ability to forget all the right words I have to say to a woman (not girl, because you got to start living like an adult) as soon as she says hello. I have though about this for yeeaars (no lie) on end and still have not been able to come up with a decent answer to my question: Where is the Love? (Big ups to Stanley Clarke, Amel Larrieux, and Glenn Lewis for their rendition of this song).

This question has troubled me because it causes me to rescind into slight depressions (awh loneliness, you never cease to amaze me) and just become apathetic towards things I usually I enjoy in life. I have wondered for a while now what is wrong me? Can it be the my dashing good looks races past any woman I try to approach or is it that my flirting skills are weaker than George Bush's Iraq Exit Strategy. Well, I can't pinpoint the problem because I can't find it on my mental map. But when I do, Yo am I going to spit craz-zeeee, hype, dope, fat, bi-knoc-kulars, rydonculous game (Yo, that kool-aid will make a cat lose ten lives (I like to round up like Oprah's Weight). But seriously, I am starting to wonder what is a woman exactly looking for these days?

Question to all the woman across the land, what is you wish? Tell John Q and he will try his best to possibly grant it. Young adults today seem to have this disturbing attraction to where violence is a turn. If I call you slut, trick or hoe, you latch onto my arm, but If I tell you are as beautiful as the Egyptian queen of a vast empire or your smile is the light that shines through the darkest clouds, you turn a deaf ear to my comments.
Honey, just come back to reality. I want you to realize that I will respect and honor all the values that you have for self. I will be attentive to what you say and the struggles of the day. I will be there to celebrate over the best times of your day. Just tell me, Bonita Applebum will put the Johnny Man on?

Wait, before you answer, let tell what I believe love is.

In my opinion, love is love. To elaborate, love is the one of the focal points of life where people encounter something so beautiful and enticing, that it takes most of us by surprise and people allow themselves to fully submerge themselves in the feeling. Once we are engaged in this feeling, we try our best to keep ourselves attached to it. In some instances, Love may run its course and we are left in an apathetic disposition until we find it again. Love can span across time through the universe and heavens itself for it is a free as the soul of a bird who flies across the vast terrain. Love is what you or I choose for it to be for it may be the only thing some of have in our lives.

So two my two readers, heed my message and realize that if you are in a relationship, cherish every moment of it. For you don't know what you have till it's gone.

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone

Saturday, November 3, 2007

"How Could I Move The Crowd?"

If you're still conscious from the dope post that came you way, prepare for another (because I can't stop, wont' stop). Funny thing about what I the previous post: Um..yeah that single was released after the one I am gearing up to post upon. So if I have you in a loop and all out of balance because i messed up your time, then change your clock backwards (like what I did there with the daylight savings and the.... um moving along). The Move the Crowd 12" was released with the remix coming to play as the Paid in Full 12" (read that slowly, that Deja Vu got me tipsy (?)). The remix was made by Democratic 3 (drawing blanks about who they be), but i suppose it is a decent remix (not like that Coldcut joint because that was banging with all the craze-ze-ze rhymes and.. excuse me, it must be the kool-aid talking). Anywho, the Move the Crowd 12" was not as popular as the other 12" released to promote the album (if i have the say the album's name, I will slap some sense into you while I say the album name. So it will go a little something like this: Blogger: What's The album name? John Q: Oh, the album's name is Paid in ... SLAP. Hey if Dave Chapelle can do it, so can I). The Move the Crowd song itself is known for giving a new term to MC (which is, uh, uh, whatchamucallit, uh, damn, I done forgot it). The song actually got a music video which is not bad and so without further ado, The Move The Crowd 12" and, of cousre, a little something extra:

Eric B & Rakim - Move The Crowd

The music video

Now finally, for (wait no new comments in the c-box or no new comments on my other post, I guess this post is for me (really would love your comments because I need love (Uncle L thanks for the quote)) the Move The Crowd 12":

1 Move The Crowd (Democratic 3 Beatmix) (7:13)
2 Move The Crowd (Album Mix) (3:46)
3 Move The Crowd (The Wild Bunch Remix) (4:27)
4 Extended Beat (3:49)

"Thinkin How I Could Get Some Dead Presidents"

He's Back. Just when you thought it was safe to come outside to go on the internet (don't make sense, then look at upside down or in an mirror). Today, Ima drop two, that's right two gems, on you cats. Let's get this party started (too corny, get some broccoli). Paid in Full song was originally released as the b-side to Move the Crowd 12" (fourshadoeing (my vernacular is rydoncoulous). The song was so popular that it got it's own 12" with a little something something to make even more def. The Paid in Full 12" was released with the remix as the first song to come in play. The remix (in a league of it's own) was one of the first instances where DJ's from England would remix a fairly popular remix. This remix is known as Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness - The Coldcut Remix). As from the title of the remix, Coldcut (two English DJs) did the remix. This is one of the dopest remixes made by cats from England (don't forget I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix)) and was so popular that it was used in the Paid in Full Video. So where to start with this song, let's see, every true hip hop aficionado should be able to recite the song word for word (with no trouble) and this song started the fad of sampling the Godfather of SOUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLL! Well, without further ado, The Paid in Full 12" and, of course, a little something extra:

Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full

The video with the Coldcut remix

Now finally, The mofo 12'':

1 Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness - The Coldcut Remix)
2 Paid In Full (Album Mix) (3:50)
3 Eric B. Is On The Cut (3:48)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Sandman Comeths"

I really wanted to continue my post schedule tonight, bu some cat who calls himself sandman is knocking at my door. I got to go and answer, so I will be right back. *Few Minute Pass*. Well, that was just a waste of time. The Sandman was the weirdest salesman I ever seen. First Off, who comes to someone's house at 11 in the night. Second, WHAT SALESMAN SELLS MATTRESS AT NIGHT. If you want someone to buy something, do it when I'm attentive. Third, the dude must've had a cold cause he was sneezing everywhere. He looked very fatigued so I hope he goes home to get some rest. Fourth, I can't...... What the hell, I feel my eyes becoming droopy, my brain powering down, and... DAMN IT, did i just fall asleep, What kind of sickness does that Sandman have. Well, before I slip into my dream palace, I have a message for my two readers: Don't answer the door late at night if you see someone dressed in pajamas trying to sell you some mattresses. He got some cold and , if sneezes or starts coughing, shut that door, before you *Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn* slip into....................

(To my two readers, have a good night and will be back with two (YEAH, I said two) post.
So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone)

P.S.: Hope I all this I am typing is not some, Sweet Dreams are of made of this, sh*t.