Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Dream Continues..."

*Sidenote: Started as Response to Ivan's, of Hip Hop Is Read, post on Dr. King. Check It Out*

As I reflect on this day so many thoughts come to mind as to how far the country has progrssed since he told the world of his dream. In a fantastic moment, it's great that we celebrate MLK's Birthday the day before Obama's Inauguration. It gives us time to appreciate the grueling labor and struggle put in by previous generations to help us reach this moment. I think if Dr. king was alive today, He would be sastified (to a degree) with the direction our country is headed in, but he would still see room for more work to done. So while we celebrate Dr. King and the entire civils rights movement with the culmination of a African-American President, let's remember that we have come so far, but there is still so far we can go.

If this a dream, don't wake me up, because I want to last forever....

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