Saturday, January 17, 2009

RE:Wind Back to Classic Period In Hip-Hop

Thought I was not coming back to give you what you need *NO* Really? then you sound like this gal I'm trying to spit my game too (Details later (read: not likely) on if I gets where I needs to get with that situation). What was I talking about again, oh yeahs, Who can rock a party like a John Q party when no one attends, AGAIN, WHO CAN ROCK A PARTY LIKE A JOHN Q PARTY WHEN NO ONE ATTENDS. *NOW EVERYBODY*...

ANNIE-WHO (Said in Californa Governor Voice) *Sidenote: For Reals: Police Brutality never seems to amaze to one. On the real, RIP Oscar Grant and Justice will be served in your name and all those who suffer at the hands of unjust law enforcement* Let's no make this post today too long because I know you all will jump down the post to see what Q drops (John says: I do the same thing too, when Q is not looking). So now let's get up in a like a wedgie, says who, says me the Potserial..

Common Sense - Resurrection 12"
COMMON SENSE IS AT HIS BEST!!! Common Sense (or to the mainstream today, Common) shows an evolution Darwin would be amazed to discuss from his first album to his second album. Resurrection (the album) is a great work of art to this day and, let me just say it.... COMMON TEARS SH.T UP ON THIS ALBUM. Here is where we reach the title track of the album that was also released as a single. Resurrection shows Common Sense and No I.D. (Don't know him much, then you and Kanye can't hold a convosation) at their best. NO I.D. just laces up this banging track with a cool piano loop and crazy DJ scratch for Sense to operate on. Common just spits on what it is and showcases why he would develop into one of the all time greats. Man, after hearing his last album, If Basuzim did not get him, let's call it that Hollywood aura that traps you up and leads you from where you most familiar (read: best) with (Kanye Says: It got you too, Com?). I got to send Common a Message to get back the Sense and then make it and it will all be good. Resurrection is a dope song and it is not event the best song on the album. The track after it puts Common in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame.

Nas - The World is Yours 12"
TRAGICALLY BEAUTIFUL GIFT TO THE THE PEOPLE!!! Awwah the infamous Nasir Jones, or as he would be like to know Nas (or Nas Escobar, or Nasty Nas, or Nas The Villain or....), and this time of his life. Nas was a young cat back in the early.... To heck with this, you KNOW WHO NAS IS. Moving on to the main portion of this post, Nas released Illmatic in '94 and the world (let's say hip hop to be more secluded) would never be the same (at least mine's). What is Illmatic, you ask? Well, foolish individual, it is the greatest forty minutes in hip hop history (No, really, it is, just check the Urban Dictionary). One of the more well known tracks from the album was lucky enough to be released as a single. The World is Yours was written by Nasir and produce by the legendary Pete Rock. Pete Rock's production is just haunting and despair searching for hope (kinda Deep, huh). Rock flips Ahmad Jamal's "I Love Music" and Samples T La Rock's "It Yours" to give Nas a palette to paint his potrait upon. Nas delivers flawless lyrics on the bleak world that takes residence in and still through all the hardship of his life, he can still find the strength to tell anyone who listens that the world is yours. And they say hip hop has no message. To any youngster who reads this: Listen to Illmatic and then let's dicuss your views on hip-hop
*CAUTION: Listening to Illmatic, and album by next person in this post, may lead to a serious expainsion of thought and self. Proceed with CAUTION*

The Notorious B.IG. - Juicy 12"
SPREAD LOVE ITS THE BROOKLYN WAY!!! What More Can be said the Biggie than has already been said. By now you how the story goes, so lets keep the program the moving. The Notorious B.I.G. (Did anybody every call him by this name on the real) debuted to the public with this 12" and the world (for reals) would not be the same. Let's See, how do this go, oh yeah 2+2=5. Now getting back to the suybject at hand, Biggie released the song juicy to the masses (Puffy included) and the streets ate this up. Juciy wasBiggie intro to the mass at hand and he made it be known what it was. Juciy was produced by Puffy and his Hitmen *COUGH PETE ROCK COUGH* to allow Biggie to spit his thoughts on the record. The Story of this track is tha tBig was hesistant to jump on the record because he wanted the hardcore street sh.t, but Puff convinced him to do by saying *While Dancing his dance* "Yo Big, You do this joint and we can give you that hardcore street sh't for the B-Side so no ill feelin towards the track". Big agreeed and a hip-hop classic was born. Juciy is the tale of Big from rags-to-riches while still being the same cat you hang on the block with. Some of the tales in the song may be countereable, but umm... IT IS A SONG, DEALS WITH IT!!!! You Know I may be in minority on this track, but B-Side Ties Again. The B-Side, Unbelievable, is one of the best songs from Big and with Premo as the producer, how does this not go wrong. I will save the backstory to this ong for latter (Yeah), but just listen to this 12" because it is one of the best hip has ever had to offer. RIP King of New York
*PS: Saw Notorious and it was not half bad. Gravy did his thing and so did most of the other cast members. It did seem a little fast paced, but it's all good. At least they got the right cat to write the movie (Same cat who wrote Big's Biography). Not bad (from what I was expecting), Not Bad At All*

So Without Further ado, here is the RE:Wind Back to Classic Period In Hip-Hop

Common Sense - Resurrection 12"

Resurrection '95 (Clean) (4:00)
Resurrection (Extra P. Remix) (Clean) (4:09)
Resurrection (Large Professor Remix) (Clean) (4:06)
Resurrection '95 (Acapella Version) (3:20)
Resurrection '95 (Instrumental) (4:00)
Resurrection (Extra P. Instrumental) (4:12)
Resurrection (Large Professor Instrumental) (4:06)
Chapter 13 (Clean) (5:41)

Mediafire Link

Nas - The World Is Yours 12"

The World Is Yours (4:51)
The World Is Yours (Instrumental) (4:51)
The World Is Yours (Tip Mix) (4:29)
The World Is Yours (Tip Mix Instrumental) (4:30)

Mediafire Link

The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy 12"

Juicy (Dirty Mix) (5:05)
Unbelievable (3:45)
Juicy (Remix) (4:42)
Juicy (Instrumental) (5:05)
Juicy (Remix Instrumental) (4:43)
Unbelievable (Instrumental) (3:45)

Mediafire Link

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those
cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q Moves On
*But Not For Long.... (Fades to Black)*


Apani said...

Good looking John on these classics! Appreciate it!

Keith said...

We appreciate the post. I remember some of these remixes from way back and it's nice to hear them again

Anonymous said...

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