Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Woke Up Early On My Born Day, Vol. 2"

Yes, The Borrowed Quote from Nas means it is that time of the year!!!

John Q's Bornday has come to fruition (What That Means, I can't even tell you)

This means that being *Age withheld for security Purposes and plus Bloggin' can get crazy* means fast appraoching maturity, RIGHT??!!!

To hecks with that, Time to go out and about and have a throwdown Blaring Some Camp Lo, Tribe, Roy Ayers, & Kool and the Gang Out The BOOMIN SYSTEM!!!

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those
cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q's Perserverance keeps on


Guy Fawkes said...

Happy born day John.

Ivan said...

Happy b-day!

Max said...

Happy b-day! Enjoy yourself, but not too much. Just enough.

music business said... the picture :) happy bday..