Saturday, February 2, 2008

"To The Beat"

Man, Do I feel Like the late customer at a party. This post will, how do they, say deviate from all the reminiscing that I usually do. Today, let's explore the topic of, how do I say this, BEATS. That's right, everyone's favorite subject and the talk of the town gets center stage on the podium.

*Enters the Room, While John Q exits stage right*


Thank you, Thank you, hold all you applause. I can't believe there is all this Rawkus over me. Now, Ladies and Gentleman, I would like for you to focus your attention upon me for a few moments. Today, I would announce the creation of sorts of a new website dedicated to me. Now, I know of the plenty of dope websites that are held in honor like Strictly Beats and I just want to say I appreciate the support. Now, let me turn your attention to the creation to the of site that gets you so involved that you would think that is was you own blog. What, site to do speak so highly of, well it is no other than this:
*Crowd gasps and Ooo's and Aw's*

Yes. Take amazement in what I present to you and tell you friends about it. Now, let your friends their friends and maybe we can all be friends. Ub ah, Excuse me, I was just a little discombobulated after the way I approach producers who aim for radio have used my likeliness. Getting back on topic, I announce the formation of I Hook A Beat Up. Starting Feb. 3, this is place for all producers to come out and try to flip a sample provided on the blog and there will be a panel of highly respected bloggers discussing who flipped it the best and what they liked and disliked about the way a beatmaker flipped a sample. The beat (meeeeeeeeeeeeee) will be provided from the likes of Mr Mass from Mass Corporation, Dr OK from And It Don't Stop, DJ Nes from Dirty Waters, or Scholar from Souled On. The panel consists of Travis from WYDU, Eric from WTR, Max from Hip Hop Isn't Dead, Mike Dikk from Dumpin.Net, Andrew from Strictly Beats and King E from the Justus League boards. The public will, then, be able to judge on the best sampled-flipped beat.

So, come one and come all, and join in the action of the beat battle blog. Who knows, maybe a highly respected producer will check out your beat and ask you join in producing a studio (A Beat can dream, a beat can dream). I only ask that you do not come in on some misguided tip and misuse my likeliness for foul reasons. Do this and John, and so many others, will call you out for treason (against True hip hop). Now, the like fading outro of A Tribe Called Quest's We've Got The Jazz (re-recording), to the beat you keep on going and going and going and going and going on.

*Beats exits stage right and in comes John Q*

John Q:

Great Speech, Beats, Great Speech. I don't know if their is much more I can add on to the that speech. Go and check out the blog, cause you know I am dwell in that area. Hopefully, the cats who run the site may include me on the panel (Aw... John Q can dream, Q can dream or I can dream, who knows).

So peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone

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