Tuesday, March 11, 2008


AW Yeah, John Q is back and he is back in the place to be and place that was and the place that is and the place that can(???). I had to deal with so much school work that I am starting to dislike Schoolhouse Rock. What the hell I am talking about, I love that stuff. I mean conjunction junction, still don't know your function. And don't even get me started on bill. I mean the way that they hit you from all angles. What whoa, I am talking about that bill collectors commercial (Still can't stay away from The KUUUOOOLL-AID).

Anywho, Today I was deciding on uploading the continued series of the Tribe 12" single set, but what the hell, I am a generous guy and decide to switch things up and drop a gem on you (HINT HINT). So, I guess the focus of this post is a crew with no boundaries. You know who I am talking about right? YOU KNOW who I am talking about Right? JUST SAY THE WORDS FOR THE LOVE OF GOODNESS JUST SAY THE WORDS?

Now that I turned off the movie, I can get back to the subject of the post. The group I am talking about is none other than Mobb Deep. In today's hip hop climate, The Mobb is more well known for releasing mediocre ( in some's minds) to pitiful (in me mind) music that makes you wonder, how the "f" these cats get a deal (or for releasing Shook Ones Pt. II (on of the best hip hop songs of all time)). Welllllllllllllllllllllll, Let you answer you QUEST-ion.

Back in the days when hip was going through its second Golden (Clouds open up and an "AWWW" sound comes out of nowhere) age, these cats released some of the best hip hop music of the time. Considering all of the other albums released during this time, All you cats can say is "DAMNNNNNN" (in Chris Tucker Friday Voice). The apex of the albums they released during this time is a little album known as "The Infamous." Now, this is one of my favorite albums of all time. Now I must save the story, background, and impact of this album for another time, but let me say that if you have not heard it, turn off the computer, look into the mirror and cry. Or you can just listen to the album. The Choice is Yours (Revisited) (inside joke for you true hip hop fans).

There are a lot of great songs that could have gotten the 12" treatment from the album, but only quite a few were so lucky to receive it. On of the songs that was put into the 12" format was "Temperature's Rising". To say that this is one of my favorite songs on the album is understatement. I love this song like Snoop loves the sticky icky. Yeah, I know that is a lot love to have for a song, but you will love it tooooooo, once you hear it. The 12" gives us a complete release of the song for it includes the instrumentals to the O.G. version, remix and album. Just as bonus, it also includes those songs with the lyrics.

The production on the album version of this song is stellar. Havoc and Prodigy (aka P) just do a wonderful narrative of how snitches get dealt with in the bridge and the ills of the police's presence in the hood. The song plays like a second cousin to "One Love" from Nas' Illmatic (GOAT HIP HOP ALBUM). They are assisted in production duties by none other than The Abstract. That's right, Tip himself helped on this song. I think took over most of the production duties for this track and, from what I heard, he especially worked on the drums and cleaning up the track (listen to original and then listen to album to see what I am talking about). Those drums, Those MFing Drums. The pattern is real simple to get after the first to drum breaks, but man are powerful and crisp. It sounds like railroad workers on a John Blazing of a summer day. This track and the lyrics go together like Peanut Butter, Jelly Time where ee at, where ee at, where ee (Hold Up, I really got stop multitasking in watching family guy and typing this at the same time) The remix for the track is just as great as the album version and we get the convenience of new lyrics from the Mobb. Actually, some may propose that they like th remix more than the original itself. The remix is a close second, but it can surpass the album version because the album version fits into the album, which enhances its status.

So without further ado, here is the Mobb Deep Temperature's Rising 12", The remix for the track is just a great as the album and we get the convenience of new lyrics from the Mobb.

Mobb Deep - Temperature's Rising

Mobb Deep - Temperature's Rising Remix

Mobb Deep - Temperature's Rising (Remix) (Instrumental)

Mobb Deep - Temperature's Rising (Original)

They are all fan made video, but thanks for uploading song the songs fans

*Your Welcome Q*

Now, Finally for my (please let someone read this post besides me and John Q, wait that be me or is it he who be we (hmmmm)??????) readers, here is the Temperature's Rising 12" (Combination of the three Temperature's Rising 12"s released in mid 90's):

Temperature's Rising (Album Version, Clean) (4:54)

Co-producer - Mobb Deep
Temperature's Rising (Album Version, Instrumental) (4:50)

Co-producer - Mobb Deep
Temperature's Rising (Remix, Clean Version) (4:35)
Temperature's Rising (Remix, Instrumental) (4:35)
Temperature's Rising (Original, Clean Version) (4:02)
Temperature's Rising (Original, Instrumental) (4:00)
Temperature's Rising (Original, Dirty Version) (4:10)
Still Shinin' (4:11)
Give Up The Goods (Just Step)

Featuring - Big Noyd
Give Up The Goods (Just Step) (Instrumental)



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