Monday, July 21, 2008

"Random Music Drop - Vol. 1"

Today, I feel in the mood to do one of those "What The Heck" post and just go with the flow (said in Doom Voice). So, I guess this is the start of something new for the masses. Who knows I may continue to switch things up until I can only stay one side????!!!!!!

ANn-NIE-WHOO (Said In Arnold Schwarzenegger Voice (Trust Me, Adds More Comedic effect and so much more fun)), lets delve into the subject of today's post. Coming Up to bat, from who knows where (and who gives a damn), let's here for Random Dope A*S Music Drops (The fans start to cheer). Do you know where I am goin with this? *shakes head in a confused manner* Good, cause niether Do I!!!!! So let's see what John Q has up the shirt (with no sleeves):

Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg - Deep Cover 12"
I CAN FEEL IT!!! Man, tell where you at when you first heard those words and that bumping a*s beat drop. Dre drops a gem with production duties for this track, that was for the Deep Cover movie (yeah, kinda of remember seeing it). This track is what you play before you handle your business (in stock marketing that is (says it with a straight face ready to break chrarter like Jimmy Fallon (and yet he still became a success, oh how the mighty have fallen (looking in SNL's direction))). Ther most amazing thing about this track is not even the banging production, but the introduction of this cat (or dog, the choice is yours) named "Snoop Doogy Dogg. Whonder how long he was going to keep that name, but him and Dre straight tear up this track and there whole style over this track was a hint of what great things were to come for the Back-To-The-Future.......

Urban Thermo Dynamics - Manifest Destiny 12"
YOUNG (AND UNPOLISHED) MIGHTY MOS DEF!!! This is what probably comes to mind when everyone thinks of this crew (or is that just me (Hmm...)). Anyway, I did not really get into the U.T.D.'s debut (and only) album because um i had to go and fix the car, then take out the trash, then mow the lawn, and then... wait hold on, I am not giving my girl excuses for not picking up the horn, just excuses for not listening to a UTD album, my bad... Anywho, remember those excuses for later, they may be helpful (or detrimental (see there I go again torn better how things will trun out, like those books that tell you to go one page for one path of the story and go to another for a different path). Ok, but all off-tangent thoughts aside, I just haven't listened to their album, yet. But, I have heard this 12" release (of course), and it is pretty solid. Diamond D laces UTD with a beat he had on his dope "Stunts, Blunts, & Hip-Hop" debut album (Hip-Hop is like that, Trust Me) abd us us nice to hear that beat utilized fully (The beat was used on the fairly quick on that album). Mos, Ces (his sister), and DCQ (his Brother) (It's A Family Affair), come correct on this track with Mos, shockingly, standing out as the premier MC in this crew (although you can't front on Ces). The 12" contains insturmentals and J-Swift, of Pharycde Fame, drops his remix of this track with good effort. Funny how Mos does not really get into this part of career today (I Means discussing his past musical endeavors).

Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn 12"
NEVER TAKING SHORTS CUZ BROOKLYN IS THE BOROUGH!!! This song should be include in every mixtape that explores Brooklyn's Hip Hop history (yes, it is that good).Where to beign with this song, umm.. the production. The haunting, evocative beat comes courtesy of ... A Tribe Called Quest. Huh. This is the word that came to mind when I first leanred this. The soundscape the tribe provides here is a departure from the sounds that they crafted around this time and this record sort of harkens more a "Low End Theory" Sound, than the "Midnight Maruaders" they came out with around this time (This is 94 we talks about (Top 2 Hip-Hop Year, but that's for another time). Looking back, I should not be so shocked the Tribe produeced this gem (I mean, Tip wore a Crooklyn sweater in "Electric Relaxation" video for goodness sake). Tip and Ali did some great work back in the days. The Lyricists chosen fo rthis track did more than this fare share to do the beat justice. Speical Ed (He Still Got it Made), Masta Ace (where's the Biz) and Buckshot (Still Got Da Props) come in full effect on this record. Speical Ed comes in with that madmamn, nonsense sh*t, I from Brooklyn attitude that a lot of cats rocked in the 90's (and may still rock to this day). Who can Masta Ace's description of the cats you used to watch on the tele in the 70's (Rerun and Roger down in the block from Dwayne (he had a Glock and selling Rock??!!)). Buckshot comes through with that relaxed, reflective to provide ablance amongst the three MCs. Man they don't collabos like this anymore (says this in disapponinted tone)!!!

Miles Davis - In A Silent Way
BEAUTIFUL SILENCE!!! DID you really think that this post (or Blog, for that matter) would just be restricted to Hip Hop Music. Wait, you did??!! OK, now go and slap you self silly for limiting your range of music. Don't you know to grow, is to expand your verizon, I Mean, HORIZON, yeah, that's what I meant. By now, You should know who Miles Davis is and what he is to jazz. You know that reinventing thing Uncle L and The Material Girl do every thirty seconds, well Miles Davis did that before sh*t ethier one knew about how to fully utilize their musicial skills. Miles Davis has so many seminal albums, with his best being "Kind of Blue", but my favorite Jazz album by him is "In A Silent Way". This album is just a thing of beauty to bestow upon the ears. The album has two pieces to its composition. "Shh/Peaceful" is the first composition full of a mellow and chill vibe with John McLaughlin, the guitairist, playing the a elegant riffs on his guitar and Miles comes in cool, but peacfully (see what I did there) playing and everthing just jells on this track. "In a Silent Way/It's About That Time: In a Silent Way/It's About Time" is the second, and final composition of this record and is the track to behold. It takes a while to start up, but when it does, Joe Zawinul, the keyboradist, will entrance into his world will his brief solo on the keys, and Miles comes in later, like the Cool cat he was, and play into the scene as everyone else joins in as the track progress. "In A Silent Way" is what you play at night to admire the secrets and beuaty it holds within itself (Play it, Relax, and See for yourself)

So Without Further adom here is the Random Music Drop - Vol 1:

Dr. Dre - Deep Cover

1 Deep Cover (U-N-C-E-N-S-O-R-E-D) (4:27)
2 Deep Cover (Radio Version) (3:48)
3 Deep Cover (Instrumental) (3:54)
4 Deep Cover (187 Remix) (3:35)

Mediafire Link

Urban Thermo Dynamics - Manifest Destiny

1 Manifest Destiny (Diamond's Clean Radio Edit) (4:10)
2 Manifest Destiny (Diamond's Dirty Version) (4:42)
3 Manifest Destiny (Diamond's Instrumental) (4:42)
4 Manifest Destiny (J-Swift's Clean Radio Edit) (4:10)
5 Manifest Destiny (J-Swift's Dirty Version) (5:10)
6 Manifest Destiny (J-Swift's Instrumental) (5:10)

Mediafire Link

Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn

1 Crooklyn (Baseball Mix) (4:32)
2 Crooklyn (Full Mix) (4:34)
3 Crooklyn (Acapella) (4:20)
4 Crooklyn (Instrumental) (4:28)

Mediafire Link

Miles Davis - In A Silent Way

1 Shhh / Peaceful (18:30)
2 In A Silent Way/It's About That Time (20:00)

Mediafire Link


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