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"The Start of Something Special"

I would love to bedazzle my five (look at previous post for thoughts on this number) readers with the other two 12"s released by Eric B. & Rakim to promote their debut album. See, there is just this one tiny itty bitty issue, I DON'T HAVE THE FREAKIN Twelve Inches (I AM REFERRING TO THE VINYL RECORDS AND NOT MY.. AWH NEVER MIND). So, I guess, this is the big moment you guys have been waiting for. I want to do an album overview in the same vein as Max from HipHopisntdead. I hope he does not come over to post and say " So this MOFO think he can bite my SHITE", "OH, Alright I GOIN TO GET THIS FOOL'S INFO, GO TO HIS PLACE, AND PULL A TYSON ON HIM (Late 80's Tyson style). I am going to respond by saying "I just wanted to do a dope album review in the same manner you review albums". Then, I'm probably going to have to pay up a large sum to continue to review albums in the same vein he does and end up filthy rich (hey, I see the glass half full).

Anywhooooooo, Eric B. & Rakim is a legendary DJ and Emcee (not rapper, as Rakim stated) crew from NEW YORK. I would go into their backstory some more, but if you're reading this blog, you know their story (if you don't know their story, exit stage left). They dropped some singles to promote their debut album in 1987. Of course, I posted most of these singles in previous post (But, you did not post all of the singles, one of you would point out, and I know this (as previously stated), SO GET OFF MY FREAKIN BACK (thank you kindly)).

Eric B. & Rakim released Paid in Full on July 7, 1987. At the time, the rap world was somewhat confounded by what was dropped on their ears. I mean, to hear rhymes put together in such a complex, yet articulate and smooth way was unbeknown to the lyricist of that time. Let's not forget the Beats. Eric B. (does not get enough production props) and Marley Marl (top ten producer) mixed the Godfather of Soul with rap to create a whole new spectrum of sampling. These two forces working together (cool rhymes & def beats) gelled to unleash a force onto that still resonates to this day. So without further ado, the Paid In Full Album......Review and then Album (see what I did there, I left you in suspense like RAKIM ALLAH (I got skills)):

A great start to the album. Thank God this is not the usual rap intro that leaves you tempted for the (if you don't run) skip button. I mean, How can you not like a song that has a question as serious cancer. Get your, prostate to fellas, or mammogram to ladies, checked out.

OK! I mean there is nothing wrong with this song. I guess Eric B had to get his own and was given three (yessirrreee, I said three) cuts on the album to display his talents. This is the best of the three.

DAMNNNEE! Now this is what I am talking about. Now that I put down the sunny delight, let's get to the subject at hand. What was I saying...oh yeah: DAMNNNNEEEEE! This is one of the best songs on the album. As you know, I discussed this song in an earlier post, so you can check there for the best interpretation I have of this song. I mean come on, twenty-one emcees were broken (or eaten), all at same time.

FIRE or ICE! At first I was going say this song is fire, but since this song was made by Eric B. & Rakim, I going to say Ice. Why, you ask? I just think about Eric B. & Rakim's cool demeanor through this song. This song is known for jump starting the Godfather of Soul Sampling phase in Rap. So that right there tells how good this song is.

NICE! This song has one piano loop to or something with Rakim bringing a whole new definition to the term MC (check earlier post for more thoughts on this song)

SPEECHLESS! What do you want me say about one of the greatest songs in rap history. I have already dicussed thsi song in an earlier post but let speak smore (accept it). This song only has one verse, but if the verse is as dope as the one put into this song, then i can accept one verse. I don't want to even get started on the beat. I mean, c'mon, name other beats that are so def that their remix is on par (or even better) than the original (name a good original song). How many cats copied the sampling techniques of this song, how many cats copied *sighs*

HMM! I don't say that as a diss, but more as a little letdown. I never really got into this song so much. Maybe it's the beat the acts as white noise with the watery effect in the song (check beginning and end).

NOT BAD! Here is another cut Eric B. was able to showcase himself on. I like this song incorporation of the Chinese beat into a hip hop beat. Eric B. did a good job of just cutting up Chinese rhythm into a beat with other elements present. Hmm, a Chinese culture mixed with hip hop, where have I seen this before????

KNOCKOUT! This may be the album's centerpiece. This song is for The DJ's who do their job and don't mention who they be fifty million times over the track. I discussed this song in an earlier post, I will continue my thoughts on it. First, every true hip hop fan should be able to say at least one verse from this song. Rakim just rips the song and Eric B. AND MARLEY MARL drop wonders behind the boards. For the longest time, people thought Eric B. was the only person who did the beat for the song. Just know this song still bumps today.

IT"S COOL! Ok, I say this as accepting this as the outro. It is not bad but if I had been given a little more, I might be full. Okay, now that the kool-aid is gone, I can continue on. This is the third of the trio of trio of cuts Eric B. was able to drop on the able. This is the extended beat of Move the Crowd. So, IT'S COOL.

Final Thoughts: Paid in Full is a great album that holds up most of the way throughout the album. There are some portions to it that sound dated, but overall i tis consistent. This album has been referenced to, sample, and complimented upon plenty of times. Rakim just one up the whole field with his lyrics that seem powerful, but calm. This completely changed the game and would take seven years (in 94') for another MC to come and have his name mentioned in the same sentence. As for the beats, they introduced this whole period in rap where James Brown was the backbone or some part to the beat. In total, Good way for these cats to introduce themselves to the world.

So without further ado, The Eric B. & Rakim Paid In Full ALBUM:


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