Monday, November 24, 2008

"On John's Mind"

This Post comes courtesy of... aw f*ck it. I don't really have reason for this post except what the title says. Any other questions? *Yo, Where Dame at* Broke, Kanye, now stop smiling.

I just going to in on a new segment to our programs (that never really have any timetable). It is called "What's On John Mind" *What* What's On JOhn Mind *WHAT* "WHAT'S ON JOHN MIND*. NOw shut the "Pardon The Interuption" Up and let's see what's on your mind John *Thanks Q*:

Item 1: How many cats are going to cop 'Ye's and LUDA (yes, you have to say it like that) new joints today? I have the seen the response (on the blogsphere, of course) to both joints and not too suprising.
When 'Ye first came out with that Love Lockdown tale, not to many people where feeling it (Heard and saw why), but you can't front on his skills. 'Ye seems to be a cat (or bear (where the bear go, by the way)) who, as talented as he, can't reach the heights of legacy he is truly capable of reaching. Wht's stopping him you ask? Kanye, of course. Oh well, listen to a little more 808 and wait until his true 4th solo album "Good A*s Job." How may cats with me on this angle (hopefully perpendicular and not parallel *Big-ups Trugoy on the line-drop*).
As for LUDA (yes, you have to say it like this), his new joint comes through like the Celtics back to work (Big-ups to Dart and the whole Celtic nation). Theater of Mind finds LUDA in familiar and some new terrority with great results. LUDA should gain more recognition as a dope MC with a dope (not meaning weed (or maybe??!!)), but a dope meaning goood (STAKES IS HIGH) career. He is what you find as comedy's curse of hip hop. Allow me to explain. Think about Eminem, for a second. He is, arguably, one of the best MCs ever to bold crush a microphone, but he probably won't receive the true praise he deserves. Why, You ask? Simple, comedy. Call this the curse of comedy in hip-hop. Don't believe me. Cool, I wont' get ups.. aw f-it, *punches air in the face*. Sorry for violence, let's get serious on this tip. Make a top ten list of MC's. *Check*, Now check it twice *Check*, Now tell how many of those MC's ever had a goofy aspect to their music (INTENTIONALLY, of course). See what I mean? Don't front on Q *Yells someone else: or John*. Um..Yeah!!!

Item 2: How many of you still buzzing off the election?
Let me answer by saying I still hungover from the election. You know my feelings on the election (check previous post), so i leave this short by saying look at Jeezy and Nas for some express on my feelings of the current (Outta here with next) president of these United States (Funny, Never thought Jeezy's name would end on here, but hey, you learn something new everyday's day).

Item 3: Seriously, Are the Giants not going to win the Super Bowl?
The Giants are better than they were last year and they won the super bowl (How's that for improvement). These cats can play with anybody in the line up and they move on EPMD "Business As Usual" thing. Teh funny thing with this team is that even when the Titans were undefeated, most people thought the Giants were the best in the league. How weird would it be for the Super Bowl to by a New York Thing (First Rap and Now Football, Man, New York Reigns Supreme (for now))

Item 4: How Dope was That LUDA-cris shoutout to The Smoking Section
The good folks over at *Top 5* blog on the intranet, Smoking Section, must have been lifted over this for a good while. This or they kept it moving on a "Respect Our Fresh" attitude that got them to be a leader in this thang called "Blogging". Man, with Ivan, from Hip Hop Is Read, cold crushing cats with sample sets and Kevin, from Kevin!Nottingham: This Is Real Hip Hop, turn out the place with week's dedicated to certain artist, no wonder they have blogger respect, so many other cats covet, but can't attain. Can't forget Max from Hip Hop Isn't Dead with daily updates (how does have time to do this) and Dart Adams with Poisonous Paragraphs, and to others who stay daily (or consistent with ther blogs). This leads me into my final thought...

Look, School's a *say what* and then you pass????!!!! I am trying to hard to organize me schedule to have a consistent schedule to blog on but, you know how one thing holds on to your attention for more than 5 seconds. College is almost over (Pop Cham-Pag-Ine (anyone see that ridicoulous video, aren't we in a recession, but I digress)) and I can start to do *Cross fingers and toes and thoughts???!!!* daily or every other day updates. Trust Me, I got some things lined and once the education comes to a conclusion, then we got to make the block hot and then cool it down (Umm...Yeah!!). So peep what's to come in the future days (and can't forgets Guy Fawkes, help to solidy L2G's backcourt):

Just to Name a Few...

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those
cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone
(But not for long.....)

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