Monday, November 5, 2007

"Eight Years & Counting"

In one of my previous post, I discussed how I may stray of that music path and go into my life stories. Well guys (my mom always say this), I guess this is one of these days. So today I will delve into the subject of LOVE (awhhhhhhhhhhhh....whatever). According to Webster, he defines it as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person or a a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. My definition somewhat paraphrases this in a different manner, but I will discuss that a little later.

I got to ask my two readers a quick question first. How is your love life going? Is it good to where you are in a nice and steady relationship with someone who appreciates you or is it at the train station waiting for the next line to come? For me (oh I love to talk about John Q), It clearly reflects the latter more than the former. I know my two readers may be asking "Whatcha you talkin about?" Well I am what Arnold was talkin about. Ok, now that I put the kool-aid down, I must deal with the subject at hand.

"I love you", there I said it, now let's see what if you feel the same way. *Few seconds pass with awkward silence* "I Guess your silence means that you feel the same way". She shakes her head, gives my back the flowers, and walks away. I am just about ready to reach the ripe old age of 20 (the world we live makes a guy feel old) and let me recount the last relationship I was in. Let's see, I am one, two years away from twenty and eight years removed from my last relationship, so that means no love since I was ten years old. Yayyy! You know at this rate I am going to break that record. Then I would be able to thank my mom, my low self esteem, low confidence, and ability to forget all the right words I have to say to a woman (not girl, because you got to start living like an adult) as soon as she says hello. I have though about this for yeeaars (no lie) on end and still have not been able to come up with a decent answer to my question: Where is the Love? (Big ups to Stanley Clarke, Amel Larrieux, and Glenn Lewis for their rendition of this song).

This question has troubled me because it causes me to rescind into slight depressions (awh loneliness, you never cease to amaze me) and just become apathetic towards things I usually I enjoy in life. I have wondered for a while now what is wrong me? Can it be the my dashing good looks races past any woman I try to approach or is it that my flirting skills are weaker than George Bush's Iraq Exit Strategy. Well, I can't pinpoint the problem because I can't find it on my mental map. But when I do, Yo am I going to spit craz-zeeee, hype, dope, fat, bi-knoc-kulars, rydonculous game (Yo, that kool-aid will make a cat lose ten lives (I like to round up like Oprah's Weight). But seriously, I am starting to wonder what is a woman exactly looking for these days?

Question to all the woman across the land, what is you wish? Tell John Q and he will try his best to possibly grant it. Young adults today seem to have this disturbing attraction to where violence is a turn. If I call you slut, trick or hoe, you latch onto my arm, but If I tell you are as beautiful as the Egyptian queen of a vast empire or your smile is the light that shines through the darkest clouds, you turn a deaf ear to my comments.
Honey, just come back to reality. I want you to realize that I will respect and honor all the values that you have for self. I will be attentive to what you say and the struggles of the day. I will be there to celebrate over the best times of your day. Just tell me, Bonita Applebum will put the Johnny Man on?

Wait, before you answer, let tell what I believe love is.

In my opinion, love is love. To elaborate, love is the one of the focal points of life where people encounter something so beautiful and enticing, that it takes most of us by surprise and people allow themselves to fully submerge themselves in the feeling. Once we are engaged in this feeling, we try our best to keep ourselves attached to it. In some instances, Love may run its course and we are left in an apathetic disposition until we find it again. Love can span across time through the universe and heavens itself for it is a free as the soul of a bird who flies across the vast terrain. Love is what you or I choose for it to be for it may be the only thing some of have in our lives.

So two my two readers, heed my message and realize that if you are in a relationship, cherish every moment of it. For you don't know what you have till it's gone.

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone


Max said...

I gotta say, I never expected to read something like this on what is predominantly a hip hop blog. I always appreciate someone who actually takes the time to WRITE something, as opposed to throwing up random CDs that I could give a fuck about.

Hip Hop Isn't Dead

apani said...

Here is a metaphysical definition of Love:

In its higher sense: this is the nature of reality. God is Love. Love is God. Creates harmony and clarity, and brings about transformation and unity.

In its lesser sense: It is an emotinal attachment one has for or shareswith another. It comes and goes
depending on one's mood or attitude.

I operate on its higher sense. Nowadays wo/men
do not appreciate being treated well because they are so use to being treated effed up and that is the norm to them. Any thing that is flowing good leads up to sabotage( Gangstarr: The Ownerz). You have to do what is best for you and whatever gives you peace in heart and mind. Some people cannot accept that you may not have drama in your life or you learned to handle things in a adult like way or circumstances in life forces you to grow up and be independent at an early age. One of the problems I see is that people are always comparing themselves to others as opposed to comparing themseves to self. Old you vs. New you.
We have to grow. Love grows as well. Keep your own counsel at all times!