Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Random Music Drop Vol. II"

Due to popular (or unpopular depending on how you see the glass), the random music drop has made a triumphant return. *Crow Appluase* Thnak you, thank you, I know the high demand for it, so I decided I had to follow up with a sequel, so here we go.....

INI (feat. Pete Rock) - Fakin Jax 12"
NICE. Pete Rock laces INI with the best track of thier *all too brief* career. INI was group that was signed to Pete's upstart label and they made an dope, but unfortunately unreleased album until at least a EIGHT YEARS LATER. Getting back to the song, Pete Rock just kills on prudction with a track that has zoning out and bugged vibe to it. Pete has a nice sample of Mobb Deep's Havoc's line from "Give Up The Goods". Pete Rock starts things of with a simple, but pleasing verse and INI takes the reigns from there. (INI MC's to clue you in) Rass, Rob-O, and Grap Luva(Pete Rock's younger brother) mixes up nicley with the song that talks to all the BS acts that stay fakin jax. The 12" consist of another song of thier unreleased album that took EIGHT YEARS TO RELEASE and consists of remixes, instrumentals, and a acapella to "Fakin Jax". Actually, lookin at some current events in Hip-Hop, I am going to play this track again to stay leveled. *Interesting Sidenote: Pete Rock's first verse is directed a CL Smooth. This was just after they broke and he airs out his grivances about his his issues with CL. * And you wonder why they won't record together (on good terms I mean).

Craig Mack - Get Down (Remix) 12''
AW YEAHHH!!! Craig Mack is interesting figure in this U-N-I-Verse we call "Hip-Hop". His success can be lent to some fortunate hook-ups in the rap game and he was Diddy's prized act on and an up and coming label named "Bad-Boy". Mack then dropped the infinitely dope "Flava In Ya Ear' and he soon became, for a short time, one of Hip-hop's dopest act. Look, let's get this out the way, hewas not going to top Flava in Ya Ear (EASY MO BEE WHERE YOU BE THESE DAAAYYSSS), but he did not necesaarily have to. Mack was on top of the world and Puffy decided to record a remix (with a great video (look for the intro)) and this cat named The Notorious B.I.G. straight killed the first verse and so went Mack's career. He probably was not the same after hearing that (most people weren't), but at least he got to witness greatness in it's prime. Mack did continue to drop singles after "Flava in Ya Ear", but most people lost interest in him. I was not one of those people and here we are with his "Get Down (Remix)" single. Q-Tip does the song justice with a spacey backdrop with some banging drums. Mack's verses does not really change from the original, but it does not have to. With lines like "I'm incredible, betta eat ya vegetables" and "Ima reign, reign forever, reign like bad weaher" you know you have a hit. The 12" consists of the original song with instrumentals and an radio edit. Craig Mack, where ever the Hell you at, thanks for being whateva the Hell you were back in the mid 90s.

Souls of Mischief - 93' Til Infinity
INFINITY! THis song will always be the one of the dopest things you hear in your life, Souls of Mischief dropped a gem in 93' (I know funny how the year it dropped mataches the songs title). Souls of Mischief ran with Hieroglyphics crew that consisted of rappers Casual and Del The Funky Homosapien. Souls were part of that underground scene in the mid 90s from the west coast (read that were Gang banging thugs everyone else were). So they were in the same camp as the Pharycde and both crews were dope. Getting back to their song, this track is just chilled with backdrop the seems endless and the MC's prove thier worth on the track. The great thing about htis song is that it was produce by one of the group members, A-Plus. The MC' s don't really outshine each, but more just seem vibe on the same level and keep it comfortable that way. Man, why don't hear tracks like this anymore (says this disappointly as he moves on his way).....

Gil-Scott Heron - Pieces of A Man
ORIGINATOR! Gil-Scott Heron is a legend musician who is held in high rap amongst rappers because, along with the Last Poets, he is the earliest musician that had some type of rap techinque to his music. Don't believe me, don't be suprised if you don't see to many people on tv mention his importance because the revolution will not be televised (Yeah). Heron released this gem of an album in the early 70's and man what an album. The album, and Heron, is most well known for "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", but the album was filled with so many great songs that had so meaning to it. I mean a track like "Save The Children" (which has echoes of Marvin Gaye) and Pieces of A Man really can really speak to the soul of someone. I Hope that people who visit this blog understand that appreciating what came before you gives you a better aprreciation for what you have today and what you could have tommorow.

So Without Further ado, here is the Random Music Drop - Vol 2

INI - Fakin Jax

1 Fakin Jax (Album Version-Clean) (4:26)
2 Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Remix-Clean) (4:50)
Rap [Featuring] - Meccalicious
3 Fakin Jax (Album Instrumental) (4:26)
4 Props (Album Version-Clean) (4:43)
5 Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Remix-Instrumental) (4:50)
6 Fakin Jax (Album Version Acappella) (4:07)

Medaifire Link

Craig Mack - Get Down (Remix)

1 Get Down (Radio Edit) (3:50)
2 Get Down (Q-Tip Remix) (3:58)
Rap [Featuring] - Q-Tip
3 Get Down (Instrumental) (3:57)
4 Get Down (Club Mix) (3:53)
5 Get Down (Q-Tip Remix Instrumental) (3:57)

Mediafire Link

Souls of Mischief - 93' Til Infinity

1 93 'til Infinity (LP Version) (4:46)
2 93 'til Infinity (Remix) (4:40)
3 93 'til Infinity (LP Instrumental) (4:48)
4 93 'til Infinity (Remix Instrumental) (4:40)
5 Disseshowedo (3:59)

Mediafire Link

Gil-Scott Heron - Pieces of A Man

1 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (3:06)
2 Save The Children (4:26)
3 Lady Day And John Coltrane (3:35)
4 Home Is Where The Hatred Is (3:20)
5 When You Are Who You Are (3:21)
6 I Think I'll Call It Morning (3:30)
7 Pieces Of A Man (4:52)
8 A Sign Of The Ages (4:01)
9 Or Down You Fall (3:12)
10 The Needle's Eye (4:49)
11 The Prisoner (9:25)

Mediafire Link


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