Saturday, November 3, 2007

"How Could I Move The Crowd?"

If you're still conscious from the dope post that came you way, prepare for another (because I can't stop, wont' stop). Funny thing about what I the previous post: Um..yeah that single was released after the one I am gearing up to post upon. So if I have you in a loop and all out of balance because i messed up your time, then change your clock backwards (like what I did there with the daylight savings and the.... um moving along). The Move the Crowd 12" was released with the remix coming to play as the Paid in Full 12" (read that slowly, that Deja Vu got me tipsy (?)). The remix was made by Democratic 3 (drawing blanks about who they be), but i suppose it is a decent remix (not like that Coldcut joint because that was banging with all the craze-ze-ze rhymes and.. excuse me, it must be the kool-aid talking). Anywho, the Move the Crowd 12" was not as popular as the other 12" released to promote the album (if i have the say the album's name, I will slap some sense into you while I say the album name. So it will go a little something like this: Blogger: What's The album name? John Q: Oh, the album's name is Paid in ... SLAP. Hey if Dave Chapelle can do it, so can I). The Move the Crowd song itself is known for giving a new term to MC (which is, uh, uh, whatchamucallit, uh, damn, I done forgot it). The song actually got a music video which is not bad and so without further ado, The Move The Crowd 12" and, of cousre, a little something extra:

Eric B & Rakim - Move The Crowd

The music video

Now finally, for (wait no new comments in the c-box or no new comments on my other post, I guess this post is for me (really would love your comments because I need love (Uncle L thanks for the quote)) the Move The Crowd 12":

1 Move The Crowd (Democratic 3 Beatmix) (7:13)
2 Move The Crowd (Album Mix) (3:46)
3 Move The Crowd (The Wild Bunch Remix) (4:27)
4 Extended Beat (3:49)

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ILLustrious said...

great post man! if i didnt already have that 12" id be goin nuts. eric b. & rakim are seriously part of my top 3 hip-hop artists! thanks for the little information you provided in your write-up. i hope you get some people comin' thru here check out your blog man, i know how it is when you first start, things are real slow and makes you wonder if its worth your time (im still wondering that myself... lol), but give it a few weeks and more people will start to flock to your blog, no doubt. if things stay dry for you, i will help get the word out for your blog by doing a little shout-out at the top of one of my posts. but for now, i've got one tip for you...

do a very large post of vinyl, that's exactly how my blog got popular, once i did that "A Vinyl Farewell..." post, things were off the hook madnuss! if you havent seen or noticed that post, i highly suggest you go into my blog archive, its the last post in June.

anyways, keep movin' the crowd John! stay fresh

one love