Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Doom Pulled the Switch"

Look, before you say anything, let me just say I just ran down to store to get some sugar. But then I they said they were all out and said "Try the salt (in a weird voice)". I said "Cool", bounced to yetti and got lost because I could not be found. But eventually things came to together like glue and I am back in itwithout a scratch so, how you dooiiinngg (said in Hillarious Bizzy Bone interview that is Youtube (I mean ROFLYAO sh..))?

ANYKNOWWHO, let's flip like a couch and get back on point or else I lose some (???!!!). If you did not expect for excuse for being away for long, well then it be what it is, but just know you still be my dunny, only thing that me come between us is Krill and Money. In fact, this leads me to discussing the subject of this "The Finest" post for you, the masses (Crowd Says: Awwww). Well, looking at the writing style I'm flipping today (even more Kool-Aid than usual) and the Title of the post, Let me introudce you to the guest we have in the Building today. From Latervia, We have none other than the villain you will root for (everything is not cut dry when your older kids. Want to know something else Batman smash Superman on most days. OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!):

MF DOOM!!! (said In Children Unison Voice)

Let's see, Where to start with Doom. Well It all began with *Cuts Record and Come takes Control*. What the Heck, I was going to tell you Doom's story, but one of his clones told me to save it for when I do the album review. I'm mad Doom could not tell me in person to save the story for later, but you know how he is about appearing public (Quick, when was the last concert he showed up as DOOM FOR REAAALLLLL (I Love Money is entertaining)).

So I guess we will save the backstory and other stuff for another time (thanks a lot DOOMPoster (snaps a villian look at me that scares me and makes me cheer at the same time (??!!)). So let's me get all Time Machinery you cats and go back to the late 90's (97-99 to be exact). You ask Why I need the Time Machine If can just reminisce, because I'm the Super MotherF*%King Villian, or Hero, the choice is yours. So let's delve into the subeject of today's post: MF DOOM's 12" from his first album Opeartion: Doomsday.

The first Subject:

MF Doom - Dead Bent/Gas Drawls/Hey 12"
This is the first 12'' listed as introudcing Doom to the world (or underground, becuase, how many cats knew of him back then (or now, time machine got me mixed down)). This 12" is probably the best to be released by Doom from this album. Doom handles all the production (it's one of his talents, people). Dead Bent has this sped up Soul (Issac Hayes, RIP) sample (reminds you of a Kanye Beat if you are high or drunk (or both, yeahh)) that puts you into the song's weird trance of 2 min's and a little over. Doom just spits like Doom can only and man it's just dope. I love the fact this song is not long enough that the trance starts to wear off. Doom just spits on how Doom gets down on a daily basis and some sh.. that happens to him, but mostly on what happens on his daily journeys through um...yeah.. I will get back to you on that. Gas Drawls is up next and let's be real: this is one of the best songs I heard from Doom (but In Time-Magazine-Machine speak, it is his best). Doom's production follows in the path of the former song, but the uses the sample (Steely Dan's Black Cow) for this song in an even better manner. He incorparates the sample to just discuss on how DOOM gets down (a villian who not only destroys but, builds) and shows something new for a villian: sorrow over the loss of his brother. The last item to touch upon on this 12" is the infamous song that got Doom notice. Hey! may be the weirdest song in Doom's catalog and that's saying something. Hey! uses the Scooby-Doo Theme song and Doom flips into song (weird enoough for ya?). The song is built upon the creepy-a*s feeling you get when you hear the beginning of the song in the show. Doom just spits on how he gets down. You know I know that this sounds redunant, but the way Doom emcees's, you will understand while it sounds so refreshing (think serious sh.. mixed with cess and happy juice). This is straight up the sh*t and Doom's monotone manner actually mixes well with the song's creepy-a*s sample. Not a Bad 12' all around. The B-sides to theses records are thier insturmentals, for those who love the instrumental, Dooms suspicious gift to you.

*Sidenote: The songs on hear do vary somewhat from the ones heard on Operation. Doom was still in lab when these be released, so now you know if you did know(???!!!)).

MF Doom - Greenbacks/Go With The Flow 12"
The Next 12" that dropped on the masses from DOOM. THis 12" is an interesting listening because it sounds more a Demo (so does the previous one, but here it really sounds like a demo-ish). Greenbacks is first to hit the ears and, even, in it's progress in mode sound, it sounds not too shabby. Thankfully he remastered the song for the album, but it is good here. The production on this song harks back to Dead Bent and Gas Drawls. The guest, Megalon, comes through and tears it up. Greenbacks is about how you gets that paper (and the dealings that involve), and how nice is it to hear it from a Villian's perspective. Go With The Flow comes up afterwards and there is one thing comes to mind when you hear this demo-ish version: Doom sounds like a MF teenager. It sounds like he was still working out the whole MF Doom persona thing and was still stuck in Zev Love X persona. This song is a character in progress for Doom. He just spits on a track that he he Goes with the Flow (ohhh, so that's where that title comes into to play). The B-Side to theses records is a Greenbacks instrumental and an even rougher (good or bad depending on how yours feel after the song) version of Go With The Flow. This 12" should be a interesting listen for those who want to hear a DOOMVOLUTION occur.

*Sidenote: The songs on hear do vary somewhat from the ones heard on Operation. Doom was still in lab when these be released, so now you know to look both ways when streets cross you (????!!!).

MF DOOM - I Hear Voices 12"

Okay this is an interesting 12" for a couple of reasons. One is that this was released after Operaation dropped. Another is that there are different versions to the song, but only one ended up on Operation. Three is that the ine that ended up on Operation is put there on re-released version of the album. Four is that Golf Swing I trying to perfect. Any questions? GOOOOD. This 12" is strictly about this song and this is one of my favorties from DOOM. The production is that Doom flips a George Duke's For Your Love (I Come Yor Friend) and speeds it up some to just get ill all over the song. Doom is at his best lyrically on this song and while nonsencial at first, a close listen will truly reveal what he is talking about. The song is about teh constant battles MF DOOM AND GRIMM have with thier voices in the head (gettin some, lately, save it for after hours special). MF Grimm's Part is quite depressing, actually so much so tha it seems like DOOM heard it and was like me come in on some lighter tip angle. Think I'm wrong, then what you think the singing is for (Still Think I'm wrong, then write to PO box 227 and addresss to The MF who does not give A DAMN). Sorry for that last part, it just that someone told me to put in in there (looks around and no one in the room), aw damnit, I think the song is starting to get to him, umm..I mean me, yeah that's what I meant. The 12" only contains the clean version of the two versions of I hear Voices (read slowly to get it all in (or out, it's a lot)), and an instrumental. Cool Song to listen as you drown out voices that tell you are the Supervillian.

So here is the:
Dead Bent/Gas Drawls/Hey 12"
Greenbacks/Go With The Flow 12"
I Hear Voices 12"

and, of couuurrrseee, a little sum-something extra:

MF Doom - Dead Bent (Original 12" Version)

MF Doom - Gas Drawls (Original 12" Version)

MF Doom - Greenbacks (Original 12" Version)

MF Doom & MF Grimm- I Hear Voices

So now, the main event you have been waiting for (or just skipped down to download, and f you did, how we still fam after this? Oh wait, you going to comment on the post, then we cool like blue clues (yeah)).

MF Doom - Dead Bent/Gas Drawls/Hey 12"
Dead Bent
Gas Drawls
Dead Bent (Instrumental)
Gas Drawls (Instrumental)
Hey! (Instrumental)
7 Dead Bent (Album Version)

8 Gas Drawls (Album Version)

9 Hey! (Album Version)

(Tracks 7-9 are the album versions I put on 12" to round it out (gettin mathmetical on yous))

Mediafire Link

MF Doom - Greenbacks/Go With The Flow 12"

Featuring - Megalon (2)
Go With The Flow

Featuring - Sci.Fly
Greenbacks (Instrumental)
Go With The Flow (Raw Rhymes)
5 Operation Greenbacks (Album Version)

6 Go With The Flow (Album Version)

(Tracks 5-6 included to yadayabadabadoooo)

Mediafire Link

MF Doom - I Hear Voices

I Hear Voices Pt. 1 (Clean) (2:51)
I Hear Voices Pt. 1 (Instrumental) (2:53)
I Hear Voices Pt. 2 (Clean) (2:07)

Rap [Featuring] - MF.Grimm*
4 I Hear Voices Pt. 1 (Album Version)

5 I Hear Voices Pt. 2 (Album Version on MF album)

(Tracks now you get the gist if this ish)

Mediafire Link

*Sidenote: There were four 12"s releaesed from album, but Could Not Find The Mic 12", so this is what came to be (or is)*

**Props to San Pasquale Ent. And Venomous Villians for having this stuff available to find. You gets props around here for these things (Crowd Applauses fot the blogs and then stops when they realize one has been out of buisness for more than a year (crowd applause comes to a stunning silence (not all stories end well, kids))**

So hopes this post makes up for all the time I been out marauding for knowledge (hint on next post, but ssshhh!!!, Don't Tell Knowbody). When will I be back? I will be back sooner than you think, but out longer than you expect. With that:

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those
cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone


Dart Adams said...

I can't wait for that new Doom album "Born Into This" coming on Lex Records. I'll hold out hope and stay restrained until I see an album cover.


John Q said...

Wait. I thought Doom's next album was never-let-it-mind. I can't fro the Doom album to drop meself. Wonder if he real Doom eill come to light or continue to conceal himself in the shadows.

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