Friday, April 3, 2009

"Stretch & Bobbito Vol. I"

I drop by tadoy to drop some treats on the masses (not really, but Q likes the phrase). I guess from the title of post you know where I am going, BUT YOU DON't (or-how-you-doing-do-you???!!!!)

Anyways, I know that last paragraph was not even three sentences but again, I could gives a *Heavy D's "Don't Curse" plays*. So let's see what i got from digging on the internet, besides a preview to that new wolvernie movie *OOOH, OOOH, IT'S LIKE I KEEP GOING*. So let's just get this party started like the bankruptcy proceedings of Dame Dash (Alright, that's enough...until the nxet time).

Oh Yeah, Welcome into the Building *Someone responds: But It's the Internet* *John Q squashes that correction fool* WELCOME TO THE BUILDING:

(As the kids-who-are-now-adults-growing-up-listening-to-this-show would say). There history is forever and no need for backstory cause if you don't know, then you lost (You win someday...but not today).

Now back to our reguarly scheduled program....

Stretch and Bobbito June '95 Show
This is a pretty dope show they had with AZ dropping by to keep a verse or two. AZ's album was just dropping around this time and se he kicks a "One, Two, One, Two" and it's on like DARKNESS. There is a Mobb Deep track that was redone as "Q-U-Hetic" and some Wu people may not have heard of. Throw in a Rakim track most cats may not of heard of and a crazy KRS joint and a dope mix is born (awhhhh). There is also a nice mix of Junior Mafia's "Player's Anthem", so enjoy or get the "F" out the cold.

Side A:
  1. Mobb Deep - The Start of Your Ending
  2. Finsta Bundy - Bomb Shit
  3. Method Man - The Riddler
  4. KRS - One - Ah Yeah (remix)
  5. Mobb Deep - Temperature's Risin'
  6. AZ - Rather Unique
  7. Grand Puba - Little of This
  8. L Swift - How it's Goin' Down
  9. Mic Geronimo - Masta I.C
Side B:
  1. Heltah Skeltah - Let the Madness Begin
  2. Rakim - I Get Visual
  3. Mic Break
  4. Raekwon - Criminology
  5. Mobb Deep - About to Get Hectic
  6. Mad Skills - Skills in '95
  7. Inspectah Deck (Wu tang Clan) - Let Me At Them
  8. Notorious B.I.G - Wickedest
  9. Junior Mafia - Player's Anthem
  10. AZ - Sugar Hill
  11. AZ Freestyle
*Props to Dirty Waters for posting these joints*

Strecth and Bobbtio Lounging with Lowoah
Camp Lo stopped by the place a couple of times and they came throguh representating what they be about. Sonny Cheeba throws rhymes from the Uptown Saturday Night LP *pauses for a moment over the greatness of the album* and so does Geechi Suede, but they do give a little freestyling, so task completed.

Camp Lo Freestyles:

1. Camp Lo Freestyles over Special Ed's "I Got It Made"
2. Camp Lo Freestlyes over Group Home's "Livin Proof"

*Props to Dirty Waters for second freestyle*

Strecth and Bobbtio Chillin with the Bush Babees in '96 and Q-Tip and Mad Skillz in '94 or '95
This is all for today as I got to go back to unemployment (you know they had a parade for this? Wonder whose job it was organize it? GET IT *Dead Silence*). Any, two treats to drop ons yous tudays with a Native Tongue Vibe. First up, Tip and Mad Skillz (now Skillz) come with thier freestyles, although SKillz shines brightest with his opening freestyle (Give him good beats and.... Dreamers can dream as well), but Tip does go in as only Tip can, so very entertaining. The second freestyle comes from the Bush Babees where their classic (YES, CLASSIC) second LP "Gravity" seems to have dropped and they do promotion for it. Y-Tee drops some rhymes from the album and gives notice to 2Pac's untimely passing (jokes about him still living does hurt his legacy *True, True*) and Lee Majors TEARS SH*T UP. I mean just listen to his opening bars and seriously, how did that not make the album. Actually, why were they dropped after this album? Anybody? Oh well, at least they went out on top *Gravity, Gravity...*

Q-Tip and Mad Skillz '94 (or '95) Freestyle


Bush Babees '96 Freestyle


Ian Curtis said...
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Ian Curtis said...

Mad Skillz & Q-Tip freestyle is from '94, spring '94. Skillz appeared on The Source's Unsigned Hype on 94, and text was like this.

One love!