Monday, January 7, 2008

"What Now?"

This is a special occasion post where all business must come straight forward because things have gotten hectic the last couple of days. There are two events in my life that have occurred that makes me step back to look at what life I'm living and where it is headed.

The first event that happened made me a little worried of visiting hospitals anymore. I found out that a family friend was involved in a terrible situation where he was shot point blank. Someone was carjacking him and he struggle with the man, but ultimately came up short and his car was stolen, while he was bleeding from a gunshot. Thankfully, he survived the attack and his life is in good health after the situation.

After this event, I started to wonder what the world is coming to and begin to ponder about not only my immediate future, but the distant one as well. Then, one day I got a call from a friend that told me something devastating. She told me "You know this guy from high school (and she says his description)." I'm respond by saying "Of Course, I some high school class with him. He was a friend of mine." She says "Well, I got a call that he died in a car accident." I went silent for a couple of seconds. I asked her what happened in the accident and asked for when the candle light vigil and funeral would be held. I hung the phone thinking that what She said was simply not true. Then, I got another call from a friend who asked me "What's going on?" I asked him if he heard the news and he said yeah. He got a text from someone that confirmed the early reports. I spoke about some other things and then hung up. I stood there for awhile to collect my thoughts to get a grasp on the tragic events of the day.

My only thought for the now is: Where do we go? It feels like that I am stuck in muddy waters with no glimpse of an island to take refuge. I mean, things are really getting hectic in the world today and the resolutions that we all search for, escapes even the most intelligent folks. For now, there is no clear path for one to follow towards the future. As written by the late and great Notorious B.I.G. on his first album: "Things Done Changed."

The news today forces us (me and the people who knew the person who passed) to come face to face with a harsh reality: You are an adult now and all the fun and immature games of yesteryear has to come to end. Now, it time to handle the responsibilities that you have towards yourself first, and then, the responsibility you have towards others. We can't leave ourselves with thoughts of what happened yesterday or yesteryear because, this leaves you stuck in the past and for one to leave themselves in the past provides no room for growth. For this (growth) is one of the keys to sustaining a long and prosperous life.

So, for now, I (and others) may grieve over the loss of a good friend but, with time, we will move on with our life. I know that i must constantly adjust to any of the challenges life presents me with. These adjustments will help me deal with the staunch reality (see older post) of the world we currently live in.

Vibes and Stuff - A Tribe Called Quest

I say peace to Antoine Gordon... Rest In Peace. This is a special, special, special, special, special dedication. You just gotta keep it happy and keep the vibes going
and this is Vibes and Stuff

So, peace to the nation, the people that represent, and those cats that never bug out to the extreme

Yo, If word is bond
then Q is gone

And I'm out...

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ILLustrious said...

Hey John, i'm terribly sorry to hear about your friend Antoine, may his soul Rest in peace.

i'm going through that stage of facing the facts that i'm not a kid anymore and need to take initiative to overcome lifes obstacles and challenges. it really is a harsh reality that we all have to face.

i agree with a lot of what youre saying. our world is becoming dreadfully hectic as far as crimes and economic depletion. things are gonna be rough for our generation when we become elderly.

there are so many negative things in this world, and im trying hard to keep my life positive and free of harms way. i hope you're able to overcome the challenges you face and live a fulfilling life.

one love... ILLustrious